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Thread: USS Atlantic

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    USS Atlantic


    >SHIP: USS Atlantic
    >CLASSIFICATION: Heavy Transport Theatre Assault Ship
    >ASSIGNED FUNCTION: Command and Control
    >BRANCH: Herculis
    >REGION OF OPERATION: Neroid Sector

    Length: 398 meters

    Crew Capacity: 100 to 110

    Hypersleep transfer hold capacity: 100 capsules

    Gross Weight: ~60,000 tonnes

    Hangar Space: 2 dropships, 1 gunship, 2 Service and Transport Skiffs,

    ASRS vehicle storage: 4 ground vehicles. 1 unarmoured and 3 armoured


    -2 AUD-25 dropships:
    Dropships Epsilon [Oh-1] and Lambda [Oh-2] are one of the mainstay dropship types in the Neroid sector, the reliability, resistance, and multirole capabilities along with large cargo bay spaces with modular seats that can be folded for even more space make these quite essential for the transport of the Atlantic's ground assets.

    -1 UD-4C gunship:
    An older model but a newer variant of the Cheyenne dropship; A gunship variant, this model sacrificed the cargo bay to carry extra missile modules and two deployable gunner stations carrying GAU-113/B rotary cannon. This model operates with two additional crew members, but because of its cramped spaces, it can only carry eight additional passengers or troops. This gunship rarely operates as transport other than for some low headcount missions that need good recon, and for that, it is called 4-EYES [Oh-3]

    -2 "White swan" Sevice and Transport Skiff:
    Each attached to the Keel and Top of the ship, these small skiffs come equipped with repair equipment to help with the repair of not only the Atlantic but any ship that comes by. It is far from going to a shipyard and getting a ship fully fixed, but in emergency cases, or if damage's minor, this can save lives or a trip to the shipyard. They carry 8 personnel, normally Maintenance Technicians to repair anything, but the skiff may also transport marines in case the Atlantic needs to transfer marines, and even for boarding action, but this use has never turned into reality.

    -1 MUTT-4M7 Multipurpose Truck
    Common and cheap truck for transporting troops through the ground in safe areas.

    -2 M577 APC
    Armed Personnel Carriers that carry Marines through tough terrain and dangerous areas. Doesn't have any armor so the driver should be careful when sustaining damage. Has 3 variants, Transport, Medical, and Command.

    -1 M34A2 Longstreet light tank
    A light but very modular tank, which may house an array of attachments, allowing it to be an effective, well-rounded armored vehicle. Has a rotating turret that allows the gunner to fire in any direction, though it takes time to turn the turret. Does not deploy often and requires maintenance before any use.


    The Atlantic presents a different CIC configuration, one more tuned to be command and control, astronavigational, and Overwatch at the same time, having more Overwatch consoles than their number of squads for any other detachments that require commanding from another ship, astronavigational equipment for Ship-Versus-Ship situations, and Command and Control gear for communication, with high gain directional and omnidirectional relays with all the apparatus.

    Because of its assignment, its interior suffered changes to accommodate 4 different offices too, three that remain vacant and ready to receive HC and PROVOST members, and one currently empty Liaison office. It has slightly larger common areas for R&R that can accommodate more than one crew-Even if quite tight, this is truly not a massive ship despite its designation-in a post-op gathering.

    It currently is used as a connection between Chinook station and its High Command members to keep control of the most fringe areas of Herculis, with moderate success. Its Commander and Chief MP operate on behalf of HC and PROVOST and frequently command ships instead of having them wait for the response of HC.


    6x Cold firing missile tubes, 3 on each side with autoloader systems that can prime the systems after firing for another salvo from missiles inside the ship's ammo stores.

    2x Space-To-Ground missile tubes, used for the deployment of high yield missiles from space, including nuclear-tipped missiles.

    6x CIWS turrets, for missile defense and lightweight craft liquidation.

    2x 0.75cm/140 Mark 74 General Atomics railguns.

    1x Orbital Cannon. A cheaper alternative to Space-To-Ground attacks, and of lower yield.

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    Dude, that is really cool. I need to think up the specs of my ship.

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