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Personal details

Name: Edward Diaz

DoB: 21/06/2160

Nationality: USA

Sex: Male

Weight: 60Kg

Eye Colour: Grey

Current status

Rank: Lieutenant corporal

Designation: Squad Engineer

Curent Vessel: USS Almayer

Squad: Charlie (Echo)


Edward Diaz has served USCM for a long time, managing to gain some reputation in the ship. Observing Edward we have noticed he tries to avoid being the pointman, resorting to using a M56D behind the main line.

He also picks the UA 725-D Sniper Sentry majority of the time using it as a long range motion detector and a backup for protection while building defences.

This engineer also avoids using conventional gear such as the technitians helmets we supply, Instead he picks the weilding hemet from the engineer vendors all of the time.

If using the M56D he will ditch the toolbelt for the machinegunner rig, wearing light armour and construction pouch.

Managed to change the use of the old Sentries to be moved onto the frontline and act as a smart marine.

Edward also got invited into the specialised Echo squad in his last 6 months where his skills of providing safe fallback points shined.

However after the quiet resignation of Samson Rockwell; Edward continued to partisipate with echo even after most of its members left. Currently Edward Diaz has resigned USCM after serving it for 8 years.