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Thread: Tisx's guide for blowing out everyones speakers (GAU guide.)

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    Tisx's guide for blowing out everyones speakers (GAU guide.)

    The GAU-21, the rattler, the weatherman, the BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, the ear raper, etc.

    Today, I will be teaching you on how to most effectively use this god of sound.

    First, let's go over the weapon itself.


    It costs 400 points per gun
    It can hold 400 rounds of ammo
    It fires 40 rounds bursts
    This means it can fire up to 10 times before needing a reload.
    It has a 7x7 spread
    This means technically speaking a single burst can’t cover the whole spread.

    A Change from the old GAU: both types of ammo now have both the same ammo count, bullets per burst and spread. And on that topic.

    Ammo types, there are two:

    PGU-100 Multi-purpose ammo:
    Point Cost: 275
    Ammo: 400
    Burst: 40
    Spread: 7x7
    Bullet Characteristics:
    Damage: 115
    AP: 10
    Impact will stun unarmored xenos and some lightly armored xenos

    PGU-105 Anti-Tank Ammo
    Point Cost: 325
    Ammo: 400
    Burst: 40
    Spread: 7x7
    Bullet Characteristics :
    Damage: 80
    AP: 40
    Impact will stun all T1s-T2s except a forted Defender. Unarmored T3s can also be stunned.

    Now before we get into the fun stuff, we need to take about the lesser known use for the GAU

    Transport CAS

    The GAU and Laser can be mounted on the transport dropship and used on transport, however, these weapons can only be fired direct, meaning one at a time and the flare/laze has to be on open ground.

    When doing Transport CAS you should only be taken at MOST 2 GAUs anymore is a waste of points, also, if and when normal CAS starts running low on points, you should be willing to recycle your GAUs and ammo back into the dropship fab to refund the points used so CAS can use them.

    Now then, on to the main point. If there is anything you should take from this guide. It’s this next section.

    How to use the GAU’s strength.

    The GAU main strength is its pure and utter volume of fire and damage it can cause. However many CAS POs have no idea how to maximize it and in fact, most of the time negate its very advantages.

    How? Let's go back to the GAU stats. It has a 7x7 tile spread meaning any tile that is 4 tiles away from the primary impact point can be hit at random.

    This means the spread covers an area of 49 tiles any of which can be hit repeatedly in one burst.

    Now the GAU fires 40 rounds per burst. This means 40 rounds have to cover 49 tiles. Which means slightly less than 1/5 of the area will not get hit. This is how the big funny memes of drones standing and not getting hit in a GAU barrage happen.

    The way to overcome this is simple. OVERLAPPING ZONES OF FIRE. You want as many rounds as possible to hit the smallest area possible, there a few ways to do that:

    Overlapping Fire

    First way is the simplest way, get more GAUs, instead of one GAU you have two. This means if you had both firing at the same offset and position on a FM you’ll have 80 rounds on a 49 tile away. This means each tile will get ~1.5 bullets, but that isn’t nearly enough to kill anything, Even a full HP marine should still be somewhat alive. So you need more bullets.

    So how about 4x GAU on the same spot? Well, that 160 rounds on a 49 tile area which means each tile will now get ~3.2 bullets, which is MAYBE enough to kill a runner or drone.

    So then what? You can’t have more than 4 GAUs, what do you do? Call in the Transport GAUs to help out? No. You have to REDUCE THE LENGTH of your FMs, when you make a new FM you are asked how long you want it to be. The GAU starts to work its magic at 6 tiles and becomes UNSTOPPABLE at 3 tiles.

    Let's do the math again, but with a 3 tile FM with 4x GAUs. Instead of 7x7, we now have 10x7 (because 3 tile FM) so 70 tiles to cover. But now, we are able to drop an entire FM worth of bullets on that 70 tile area, and how many bullets is that?

    Each GAU can fire up to 200 bullets per FM, and you just fired 4 of them. Thats right 800 BULLETS FOR 70 TILES. THATS ~11.5 BULLETS PER TILE. WHICH WITH ANTI-TANK AMMO IS 914 DAMAGE PER TILE AT 40 AP, WHICH WILL PUT EVERYTHING BUT A QUEEN IN THE HOLE. Also Multi-purpose ammo will deal 1,314 DAMAGE AT 10 A PER TILE. THIS. THIS IS THE TRUE POWER OF THE GAU.

    And a 6 tile FM will deal just slightly lower than half of that so about 450 damage per tile for Anti-tank and 630 damage for Multi-purpose, Which is still pretty deadly for T1s-T2s.

    How I set up my FMs

    With all of this in mind. Let's talk about how to set up your FMs


    Almost all of my FMs are set up like this. The goal is a kind of double funnel, with a kill box in the center of the run.

    My FMs

    6tile Standard
    As the name implies this is my go to FM if I don’t know the area around the flare/laze, or the area is very open.

    3tile BLOCKER
    Used for when I know where the main force of xenos is compared to the flare/laze, This is your killing blow, ANYTHING that get trapped in this is dead or going to be near crit.

    6tile Ration
    Used for late game when fab points are running low uses less ammo by only using 2 guns


    12 tile Surprise(RATION)
    Something I use to fuck with xenos. I don’t fire till tile 10 and only fires twice.


    The scare the living shit out of xenos in cave choke, This uses no ammo as nothing is being fired. It’s very useful for recon, and pushing gullible xenos off a choke point. It can also be used to try to get xenos used to the sound of Flybys and lure them into a false sense of safety, only then to be fucking OWNED BY A 3 TILE BLOCKER FROM HELL.



    This clip is from a single round:
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