Economy Thermite Nade:

A nade containing the ingredients for smoke + a certain Unit of Thermite. Sometimes the health of walls have been changed so I'd like to put it this way:

If you need to spray 50u of thermite on a wall to turn it into a girder, a smoke grenade containing 50u thermite will apply 50u thermite on ALL walls it touches, so for example, 1 50u 10/10/10 Thermite Smoke could apply 50u on Four Walls, where if you used a spray bottle, it would take a minimum of 200u Sprayed

Fire Extinguisher Nade:

30u Fluourosurfactant 30u Water 30u Water

This nade will extinguish fire on the tiles its foam covers. It will also extinguisher Marines and inject them with 30u Water giving them temporary resistance to fire.

Medical OD Safe Nade:

30u Fluourosurfactant 30u Water 30u Water Xu Doctor's Delight

Doctor's Delight is a type of drink made with 1:1 Tricord OJ Tomato Juice Creamer and Lime Juice; as a drink, there is no OD limit so it's 'safe' to make nades full of them

Medical Firefighter nade:

30u Fluourosurfactant 30u Water 30u Water 30u Kelo/Derma/Leoporazine

Bluffing Grenade:

Timer + Igniter Assembly(Longer timer the better, though its timer resets to default after so it must be taken apart and reset).

Insert your assembly to either of the custom nades, and finish it. When it ignites, it gives off sparks, and is ready to be used again. Preferable to name it something scary like MAXCAP 30 TILES- further best practice is to give it a matching nade with a timer 5-10 seconds after the original, so they see the 1st was fake, laugh off their mistake and while they are walking by. . .

Cap Clearer: Make a nade w/ Weed-B-Gone + something to make it apply to the tiles around it. Make it's timer 120s. Instruct user to get themselves capped. Assuming the timer works out and they are nested before it ignites, the foam will go off, freeing themselves and all nearby caps.

You can do this similarly with an incendiary nade + a matching Medical Firefighting nade with a 5-10 second longer fuse, as it will free the caps, put out their fire, then inject them specifically with anti fire chems.