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Thread: N/A - Rule 4

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    N/A - Rule 4

    Player Report
    Your Byond ID?

    Date of Incident
    September 17, 2022

    Your Character Name?
    Dylan "Whitebeard" Watson

    Accused Byond Key(if known):

    Accused Character Name
    Billy "based" boang

    Approximate time and date of the incident (Central US Time for fastest results)
    12:00 Server Time

    What rule(s) were broken:
    Rule 4

    Description of the incident:
    I went to req to ask for a data detector and a large docu pouch and then they asked for my ID to check if it was counterfeit. They then took it then shut the shutters behind them. Eventually they open it again saying they burnt it because it was counterfeit. I had to go ask the MPs for help to get a new ID

    Evidence (screenshots, logs, etc):
    Chat logs

    Do you understand that staff make the final decision in the resolution of this report?

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    Player was already banned that round for another incident in requisitions.
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