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Thread: Feature Suggestion: Aneurysm

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    Feature Suggestion: Aneurysm


    For some time, I've had a few problems I thought could use fixing. Namely:
    1. Some kind of low, 2-5% chance for RNG permadeath upon death. Not huge and would only be impactful once every few games, but it would be enough to curb some of the more stupid suicidal, obvious 'I'm running in because I know I'm gonna be revived' type behavior that I feel is slightly cancerous.

    2. Medic Boring

    3. Xeno burn damage needs some long-term consequence (3rd degree burns result in dehydration/bad infection typically).

    So, i've basically created an ugly chimeric combination of the 3.

    Aneurysms! Everyone's favorite toilet killer. What's good enough to take out Elvis mid-poop is definitely good enough to add some gameplay flavor, right?

    Works like this, basically. Upon death, there'd be a low chance of having an aneurysm (which can be caused by many things, so fits). This requires some kind of neurotherapy available on ship. Effects could be anything from blindness, to uncontrollable movements to some degree, to complete permastun, but it would require a shipside evac.
    Does a few things here:

    Puts a price (if small) back on death- EVERYTHING can be fixed groundside nowadays, so there's no real incentive for a marine to, you know, not run up with 3 OT nades and blow himself and everything around him to pieces (which I just watched. Saw the marine 5 mins later back on the front).
    This translates into a new appreciation for damage. As a medic I'm kinda annoyed at the marines who know they're about to die, but refuse treatment, because of the 'you'll get me when I die' mentality (If one of you is reading this, btw, you should know you automatically go to the bottom of my triage line. Coulda saved you with fewer meds and time, so you're last to get back up if it's a choice between your timer and some random dude's)

    If there's a small chance that yeah, you could be seriously fucked up for a long time if you run in there almost dead like a dumbass, or run through a huge thing of fire, then that makes my job as a medic more impactful and gives stuff for Doctors shipside to do (who have my utmost empathy at the moment and probably need something to do).

    Puts some reward as a xeno for killing marines with burn damage. Most games i'll see the same dude over and over be killed, and its kind of annoying that the baldie I too the HUGE RISK of PBing as a trapper 4 times in a row is still running up trying to throw nades deep into the hive. If that dude goes away for 30 minutes, I feel like I've done something more than just shoved a brute damage-dealer's work somewhere further down the line.

    Honestly, would generally add to the game's realism imo. We've evolved to factor death in as a part of our psychology, and the constant deadchat bragging about 'ive been revived 6+ times' just kinda feels a bit... eh. This would help shift gameplay slightly more in the favor of realism, without the hard ceiling that is heartbroke. It's a hugely small chance, slightly impactful on the current game, with minimal work required, that translates into, imo, better gameplay for all.


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    All marine players already suffer from terminal brain damage that makes them push chokepoints with multiple T3s every single time until they lose
    I dont know why we need this tbh

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    A low percent chance to perma for no reason isn't fun and wouldn't add a lot; most rushing in don't care if they perma and this would only punish some poor bravo pvt who gets lz lurkered

    I mean by comparison how "fun" is it when you are randomly delimbed..

    Now if you wanted to do something like remove IA from the game so that brain damage and eye surgery has to be done again.. that might be interesting.

    I for one think it's silly how powerful Peri is.
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