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Thread: CopperKast - Yautja Application

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    CopperKast - Yautja Application

    Yautja Whitelist Application
    Personal Information

    Byond ID:

    Discord ID
    Copper #9642

    Marine Name
    John Copper, alien prefix MD

    Character Information

    Name of the Yautja Character you wish to play
    Ra'all Loxzil

    What clan are you joining?
    Other (Minor Clan)

    If Other (Minor Clan), what is the Clan Name?
    clan Loxzil

    If Other (Minor Clan), Minor Clan Lore

    Clan Loxzil Lore (WIP)
    Clan Color: #405515 Olive Drab
    Clan Symbol


    Clan Loxzil has a more recent history only spanning fifteen centuries. Its foundation was created by the Master Artisan Atla’tes-Loxzil after breaking away from Clan Uliz’bard due to perceived disrespect for his arts. He along with other artisans of Clan Uliz’bard who broke away to follow him set out and formed Clan Loxzil on the remote, arid planet of Buhiri. In doing so they also heavily modified the existing yautja pantheon to suit their own views of how everything was created, being dissatisfied with the existing interpretations that many clans follow. Of course this action he took has not painted the clan in any form of glory, instead being seen as a bunch of proud, arrogant, ignorant, and closed off artisans to those outside of the Clan. Those who are part of Clan Loxzil are known to create multiple different pieces of artwork and are all inspired by various hunts the members are required to go on before creating more and as part of their blooding ritual. They range in quality but the members within the clan are very self-centered and always view their own piece as the best.

    >Location, Places of Interest, Artifacts<
    Buhiri is where Atla’tes-Loxzil decided to settle down after an organized ritual with Clan Shaman Lilyuz’cuz-Loxzil resulted in a vision of this planet as the tale goes. Buhiri is a remote, arid world with vast mountain ranges, and large swathes of arid savannah punctuated by a singular, large ocean covering an expansive, singular continent. Due to the hostility of the environment, Clan Loxzil tends to focus themselves either within the coastlines, or within the interior mountain ranges. Within Buhiri there are three major population centers, with numerous minor settlements and villages created to help support the population centers.


    An up to date topographical and climatological map of Buhiri

    Places of Interest
    Atla’tes Conurbation: The founding settlement of Clan Loxzil in Buhiri. Considered to be its capital although its architecture and layout is noticeably older and designed to be smaller, leading to many issues around expansion.
    Atla’tes Citadel: The original residence of Atla’tes-Loxzil. Located at the exact center of the city. A series of lavish buildings in a compound atop a large mound that were constructed by hand. It is well ornate with various precious metals and artistic inscriptions of each hunt that Atla’tes-Loxzil took. Legend states that Dlex sent down a Hed’gauz-oocee to guide Atla’tes to this exact spot, after beating it in physical combat and bathing within its stomach acids, before using its brain pulp as ink to create the building design. This is also the location that houses the clan leader, and clan elders as they take up residence within the various buildings in the compound.
    The Hizxol’abe: A large, cube shaped building constructed from granite for the sole purpose of housing and presenting the clan's completed art pieces, as well historical texts, manuscripts and artifacts. Within its long and winding halls are housed the first completed pieces of art of every blooded member of the clan, subsequent pieces of art created by blooded individuals are then compiled in sections dedicated to themselves. For those that died honorably, their Jial-be’zil are put on display as well.
    Migtcul’we: The primary religious center of Clan Loxzil, housing exquisitely designed shrines and prayer rooms dedicated to the members of their pantheon. Housed within are two large statues depicting Paya and Dlex slaying the Xrab’erild made completely out of quartz.

    Atla’tes-Loxzils Jial-be’zil:
    A series of craft tools that used to belong to Atla’tes-Loxzil before he set off on his pilgrimage. All of the tools present are of the highest quality and almost seem divine in nature to those aware of its significance within the clan. However to outsiders these are an odd assortment of painter and craftsman tools of varying quality. There are two possible origins to these tools depending on who you ask; one states that Atla’tes-Loxzil was granted these tools as a divine gift for slaying the Hed’gauz-oocee and forming the clan. The second one is that Atla’tes-Lozxil created these tools after losing his original pair after a hallucinogenic journey in the desert after being told his art was equal to that of water in a gutter.

    The Precursor:
    An artifact whose origin is alleged to be one of the many drafts Paya and Dlex took before eventually perfecting what the Yautja would be. It is a statue whose composition is unknown, however the body plan is eerily similar to a Yautja, although it has an additional leg and rather than mandibles, there is a series of four trunks that make up the mouth.


    Clan Loxzil are very zealous toward both Paya and Dlex as both are viewed to be intertwined with how the Clan organizes itself and its purpose. Most members of the clan regularly perform rituals and dedicate all of their artistic work as tribute to these two gods. Although recently there has been an influx of newer members adding Kehrite to the clans pantheon, although members of old are not so welcoming to the new addition to their sacred duo. However, the typical Yautja pantheon remains intact apart from minor adjustments; that being that all other gods were once mere yautja who had successfully managed to track and hunt down a Xrab’erild, ascending to godhood for achieving such a feat.

    Creation Story
    According to legend, both Paya and Dlex were present at the beginning of time. Paya ventured far and wide across the galaxy, looking for a suitable mate to help propagate and produce offspring to spread the art of the hunt across the galaxy. During their quest, they met Dlex after fighting against a Xrab’erild that shattered the very stars. With the assistance of Dlex, as he held the tools of the hunt and artistic fortitude, and Paya the resolve, they were able to reform the stars. Taking stardust and mixing them with the viscera of the Xrab’erild, as well both Paya and Dlexs blood and then molding it into the shape of the ideal body of a hunter. After the arduous task of trial and error, it eventually led to the creation of their chosen children; the Yautja.

    Major Gods
    The first of the two major gods followed by the Pantheon of Loxzil. She’s portrayed as a wise, confident, proud, and honorable hunter that would do anything to spread their message.

    The second of the two major gods followed by the Pantheon of Lozxil. He’s portrayed as a shrewd, arrogant, worthful god whose character was ingrained within all Yautja to some degree, in order for the survival of the fittest to become a forefront of the culture. Dlex views most of his offspring as inferior, therefore to test them he creates various creatures for the yautja to hunt. As far as the yautja are concerned, Dlex is viewed to have created every single species that has existed and ever will, and their only purpose of existence is to be hunted.

    Minor Gods

    Kehrite is currently not officially recognized by Clan Loxzil as an official member of the pantheon; however in recent times due to the influx of newer members, Kehrite worship has begun to spring up across the various villages. According to worshipers, Kehrite is the firstborn of Paya and Dlex’s marriage after they conceived him in a painting created by the spinal fluid of the Xrab’erild and a shaving of dreadlock from Dlex . He’s portrayed as a strong, courteous individual who strives to create the tools of the hunt like his father and give it to the yautja, rather than keeping it for himself. Something that his father Dlex does not wish to do until the uautja are proven worthy.

    Other Deities

    The most up to date representation of the Xrab’erild, created by Serp’xal-Loxzil
    According to legend, the Xrab’erild was a creature present since the beginning of time. It had a large frame, enormous jaws and four pairs of pillar-like legs. It carried the stars on its back and devoured anything it came across in order to create more and add to its collection upon its back. The sacred scriptures state that there are multiple Xrab’erild across the universe, and that slaying one creates a galaxy and ascends whoever achieved such a feat into godhood. Taking the pilgrimage to locate one of these creatures and defeat it is the ultimate goal of all blooded clan members of Loxzil.

    A creature that is said to be a servant of Dlex. A six winged creature with two tails, two necks, and seven legs. When one is spotted it is taken as a divine omen; one that requires the creature to be defeated and in once doing so, consumption of its liver. The reason for that is it allows those that consume it to receive divine visions and guidance on a task that the gods wish to be carried out. Whoever slays one is almost immediately elevated in social rank, and in rare circumstances- allows them to challenge the current Clan Leader in an honor duel for the right to lead.

    Clan Loxzil have a very poor reputation outside of the clan due to their upgrining and attitude. For one it is noted that the prior upbringing of being a breakaway means critics point out that Atla’tes-Loxzil was self absorbed with his art and refused to take criticism from outsiders leading to him finding groups of sycophants to carry his ego while boosting their own prowess. Take into account also that most members of the clan were created from the Working Caste, meaning that their prowess as warriors is lacking except for a few cases. Their attitudes toward outsiders and criticism against their art usually lead to honor duels which they lose, attributing more to their bad reputation among outsiders leading to a sharp decline in clan longevity.

    Clan Loxzils blooding ritual commences only after selected members of the various artisan and working class sects were selected due to potential prowess with the arts and their craft. This can take as little as five years to as long as five decades for such a feat to occur as the sects only send forward the best they have to offer.
    There are five main trails that are held for the youngbloods, mostly to test and hone their abilities with these core aspects.
    1. Be taken under the wing of one of the craft masters to show your prowess with various forms of art; this usually takes the longest and is most prone to failure as the craft masters rigorously vet members to test their skill and send back those who failed.
    2. After being approved by the craft master of their choosing, they are taken as an apprentice to learn the ways of duty, honor, further bolstering their abilities with the arts and crafts.
    3. Begin formal combat training from blooded individuals. However, each unblooded is forced to adopt their own style rather than copying what the instructor does, if the instructor senses the unblooded technique mimicking their own, they will be sent back to the craft masters to repeat at a later date.
    4. After being passed by both the craft master and blooded trainer, the unblooded must create their craft tools (Jial-be’zil) that they will carry for the rest of their lives and must never lose. They only have one shot to do this and if they fail, must continue to carry the tools as a form of punishment which can lead to discrimination among others.
    5. The unblooded is then sent out on a hunt chosen by the craft master with minimal equipment, only consisting of basic clothing, a combi-stick, and their artist tools that they must use to bring back one trophy. If they successfully complete the hunt they are allowed the privilege of creating their first piece of art depicting the hunt they took and are then officially considered blooded.

    Yautja Character Story
    early childhood

    Ra'all began his life as every other Yautja does, by surviving the trauma that is birth, and was born with a weak vascular and respiratory system marking him among his older peers as weak and only just barely able to survive. He was left on a stone slab by himself his first night to prove he was strong enough to be worthy of living. His father was a well traveled hunter and frequently went on hunts, collecting materials, for years at a time. His mother was fair but strict and harsh in an effort to toughen the pup before his coming of age and to mold him into a respectful albeit withdrawn Yautja.

    decades go by and Ra'all had grown into a cautious and observant pup, doing his best to avert himself from the wrath of his bearers should he fail at anything, be it sparing with other unblooded, speaking out of line, scuffing, scratching or damaging any of his forebears creations or any other manner of activity his mother deemed disrespectful to the family and therefore dishonorable to the clan these actions were met with lashings and in the case of his father, beatings. He received many lashes across his arms and back from his mother. Only ever being whipped by his father once in his 40’s for breaking a chair his father had carved in his own apprenticeship before he was blooded, the gashes from the whip left scars so deep that strips of quills along his back never regrew.

    The Blooding ritual

    The time had come and Ra'all was re-selected for his blooding, after the first time he had been chosen his prey escaped, leaving him empty handed to return to his clan; the shame of failing his first blooding was weighing down on his social status and his peers refused to acknowledge him until he either finished his blooding or died in an attempt to succeed, and for the 2 years between his rituals he had dedicated every waking hour to training and and practice; honing his skills to a sharp point.

    The Pod that was to be their landing craft was no more than a metal hull with some heat shielding and directional landing boosters. No life support, no emergency chute and no cloaking tech, only the bare minimum needed to make planetfall. As the two Yautja filed into the drop pod the sense of unease became heavy in the air, the interior was filled with lights and panels for geographical location and atmospheric statuses and small red lights that flashed on and off at irregular frequencies, sitting across from each other they buckled into their jump-seats Ra’alls’ observer watched him closely, checking for smuggled equipment as the airlock sealed behind them with a loud whining hiss. His gear consisted of a combistick and a belt with empty pouches save one which contained basic cordage and a leather tool wrap holding his currently still unused Jial-be’zil, the only armor he was wearing was a nonfunctional biomask providing scant protection and some thin grieves on his legs, and a simple biomesh netting over his chest leaving it critically exposed during a fight. There was a loud metallic bang as the anchor disconnected and a massive piston kicked them away from the main ship and then the sudden lurch of the pod dropping into the gravity well. The force of which was enough to throw the unblooded around in his harnesses even though it was tightly secured, and even the Craft master had a difficult time holding his hulk upright in the seat that seemed too small for Him. Their pod lurched again as the directional boosters propelled them at the planet like a plasma bolt and a sudden deafening roar from outside was heard as they entered the atmosphere. Shortly thereafter the pod impacted the surface of the planet, splintering large trees along the way and scarring the lush ground with a path of mud and broken plant matter, the hunting ground was on a garden world with lush tropical forests spanning the majority of the surface and two large oceans, one at each pole containing a rich and diverse ecosystem. The Craft master was the first to leave the pod, setting down a recovery beacon for the now unusable pod, and ushering the unblooded outside, to give him instructions.

    “You have four days to collect a prize worthy of being called a trophy.” The Craft masters voice boomed over the eerily silent forest. We will meet again at the top of that ridgeline with your trophy, or I will leave you here to perish.” The master pointed off into the hazy distance at a craggy plateau almost invisible over the morning fog. “Two days ago a number of R’ka eggs were planted in this valley, but they aren’t the only danger around here.” With the end of his clicks and snaps the Craft master disappeared into nothing more than shimmering light, and vanished into the dense thicket of trees and vines.

    Ra’all set off in the direction the craft master had taken, quickly but quietly and soon the chatter of alien birds and the rustle of small mammalian fauna sounded in the leaves. Short hours whisked by and before he knew, Ra’all was making good pace toward the plateau and racking in his mind where he could find a proper trophy when a shrieking cry of some forest creature was heard to the west of him. His immediate response was to get into a nearby tree, using the height for a better vantage and the foliage as cover. He wasn't even all the way up the trunk before he saw it, the striking crimson carapace of a medium sized r’ka, it stood on four legs all ending in razor claws and had a long prehensile tail that was swaying side to side lazily as it began swallowing some furry mammal whole into its gullet. Then as fast as the commotion began, the red-clad r’ka trotted off, be-lining for a thicker part of the woods. Without hesitation Ra’all leapt from his tree and began tracking the beast, it wasn’t difficult to do as it left large muddy prints in the underbrush, but they weren't the only tracks to be seen, and they all were heading to and from the same direction as his quarry.

    Only an hour had passed and Ra’all had uncovered his quarry’s nest, a small cave network connecting to the surface by natural sinkhole, at least, it seemed to be natural. Just inside the mouth of the cavern there were black vein like vines spreading across the ground connecting to each other by black pulsating nodes, the entrance itself was well concealed by bushes and a large boulder as a backdrop however the foul acrid stench from within wafted out betraying the caves hidden posture. Ra’all decided it would be best to set up a camp nearby, and strike midday tomorrow when the beasts were at their most sluggish, as the r’ka don’t necessarily sleep but they are most active at night. Finding a nice tree nearly a half a kilometer away he figured he should be safe there, for now at least.

    It was near midnight and Ra’all was awakened by the sound of ballistic weapons in the distance, the only prey that used ballistic weapons he could think of were the primitive ape-like creatures who the Yautja attempted to uplift many centuries ago, and the gunfire was coming from the direction of the cave he had scouted earlier. He immediately donned his gear, being his essentially cosmetic biomask, and hunting belt which he had removed before dozing off; and began running in the direction of the cave, able to now see the flashes of light from the humans firearms, and climbing another tree. There were four of them all armed with basic weaponry, and screaming at each other in whatever primitive tongue they called a language. At the mouth of the cave there were three more bodies, all gored and lifeless being dragged farther in by some unseen entity, and all gunfire had ceased, the r’ka had retreated inward and the humans were on high alert. As he was watching the cave one of the humans must have seen him and in his sheer terror started shooting at him, a bullet grazed his belt shattering the buckle and knocking him off balance, Ra’all was able to catch himself from falling however a jagged branch had impaled his shoulder, and to this effect Ra'all began attempting to stop the bleeding, but his Jial-be’zil tumbled to the forest floor making a metallic rattle as the tools jumbled together when it landed, the four humans ran back into the woods and Ra’all left the tree grabbing the toolbelt and fastening it to his body with some cordage from one of his pockets then meticulously ensuring all his tools were undamaged and accounted for then cautiously headed into the cave, there were sullied corpses of r’ka littering the floor along with a number of human corpses, all of which had been slashed, broken, bitten or decapitated in some manner and at the end of the oozing corridor there was the hulking mass of what could have only been the mother of the hive. And a wall that had been blasted by some form of explosive. The only light in the cave was the dim torchlight of dropped electric lamps and metallic sticks with fire spewing out one end. To Ra’alls surprise the only r’ka to be seen in the chamber was his quarry. Pacing back and forth but seemingly uninjured, stepping into the light he roared at the r’ka immediately garnering its attention and they began circling each other.

    The fight between him and the red-clad r'ka started and ended within just a few moments, though in this time, his focus was singularly at the red in front of him and he failed to notice the commotion forming behind him as the humans came back, with reinforcements. their brawl was quick and decisive, the r'ka leapt at him, nearly catching him with razor claws and spear-like teeth, it landed and immediately lunged for him, pulling out his combistick and stabbing the beast in the right shoulder, causing it to stumble backward and reevaluate the fight, one of the men lined up his rifle and attempted a poor shot at the beast but missed and in the only way Ra’all could think to tell these primitives to stay out of his fight was to throw a rock he grabbed from the floor at them squarely hitting the one who shot in the chest causing him to recoil and edge off behind the wall, even though this action took very little time it created an opening and the r’ka pounced again, Ra’all dove to the floor and plunged his combistick into its chitinous underbelly sending it crashing to the ground and unable to stand due to the spear skewering it, however the beast left a deep jagged cut across the biomask in a glancing blow, causing it to be ripped off and tumble to the ground.

    Unbuckling the clasp on his tool roll the leather pad unfurled revealing chisels and knives for carving and a small mallet, along with other small picks and refining instruments, Ra’all unsheathed a bowed skinning knife and immediately removed the chitin clad head from the red beast spraying his arms with acidic blood in the process. The pain was intense, but he had other things to worry about as he now set his gaze on the humans cowering behind the wall only poking their heads out of cover they seemed more afraid of him that willing to shoot him so Ra’all decided to ignore though he kept them in eyes view in case they decided to try anything; and began disassembling the red r’ka on the ground in front of him, removing chitin plates and claws, and the whole tail using the dribbling acid blood from it to cauterize his still fresh shoulder wound, then bundling the grotesque mass of parts in a pile and strapping it to his back like a sash made of cordage and the black vines from the ground, all the while the humans watched in apparent horror as he disemboweled the r’ka and without a word he gathered the meat in his larger hunting pouches, rolled his tools and left the cave, stopping only to eye the human that took a shot at his prey earlier. The human cowered and pressed himself against the wall as if trying to force himself through it, and only after feeling satisfied with terrifying the human enough Ra’all put on his now marred biomask and left the cave, not looking back and not uttering a single click. The rest of the journey was quite mundane, as he waited in a tree outside the cave to watch but nothing came of the humans for some time, they began dragging the dead out and brought one in particular who could barely walk and was covered in resin goop, likely he was infected and would give birth to another alien horde in the coming days.
    Dismounting his tree Ra’all left the forest for a squat shrubland, never leaving a brisk jog and finally getting to the base of the plateau after a two day trek. Leaving only a day to climb the cliff face and find the craft master.

    The climb was perilous as Ra’all had lost his footing more than once almost plummeting to his death more than a hundred feet below and time seemed to crawl to a stop. After what felt like an eternity on that cliff face Ra’all heaved himself onto the rocky surface heaving breaths and pulling himself to his feet to see the Craft master tending a fire underneath a cauldron, not even glancing at the unblooded stumbling over to kneel at the fire.

    “Have you brought your trophy?” the master asked in an accusatory way still not looking at Ra’all
    “Yes.” Ra'all said in an exhausted trill of clicks, unlashed the cordage across his chest letting the chitin tumble to the ground, and in the same motion unbuckled the hunting pouch from his waist and set it at the craft master's feet.
    “What’s this? Meat? R’ka meat? A fine addition to my stew.” The craft master dumped the whole pouch in the pot and threw the now empty bag back to the unblooded as he added some blueish green powder to the mix.

    “Now get to work on your piece, you don’t get to eat until your art tells me the story of what happened on your trial.”

    And with an obedient grunt Ra’all began crafting his first work unlatching the roll for his Jial-be’zil and started carving intricate runes into the chitin head while the Craft master gingerly set down a retrieval beacon on the stone next to him.


    Have you read the honor code and do you understand that if you breach the honor code you may be subject to disciplinary action and have your whitelist revoked for a set amount of time?

    Did you read the application process page?

    Do you understand that any behavior that is unbecoming of a member of the community may result in you having your whitelist revoked? Such things include, but are not limited to: Racism, toxicity, excessive or malicious trolling, abuse of staff or etc.

    Do you understand that you may face having your whitelist revoked, or other disciplinary action undertaken, should you be banned or warned on the CM discord?

    Do you understand that you cannot advertise your application on any platform for votes. Do you also understand you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?

    Do you understand that community members may report your in-game actions on the forums, and that you may be asked to defend your actions.

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    Hello, the council has voted on the application and determined that the application is to be denied. The primary reason being no community support. However, I do wish to stress that the Councilors and myself liked the story, and that you are welcome to reuse the story in its entirety in the next application attempt. The primary reason being no community support. I recommend continuing to build a positive reputation within the community, and try and stand out more in-game. Using the radio more often, playing "high-traffic roles" and so forth should make the community more familiar with you.

    You can reapply in 30 days and we hope to accept you in the next application.
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