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Thread: Lexwolf - Synthetic Application

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    Lexwolf - Synthetic Application

    Synthetic Whitelist Application
    Personal Information

    Byond ID?

    Discord ID?

    Marine Name
    Kirsten Vellez

    Other Whitelist Applications

    Character Information

    Name of the Synth Character you wish to play

    What is your Synthetic's Personality?
    Winter's synthetic personality was programmed with service in mind. This synthetic person was mass produced to advertise products in malls and space station recreation centres.

    She became synonymous with Suto brand products and featured in their advertising.

    "Winter's smile is a Suto!"

    Following a scandal surrounding the cherry Suto drink and some questionable chemical ingredients, she was discontinued as marketing felt a new face would help people forget the scandal.

    Wanting to sell off the models Suto sold them to the USMC and had their programming changed to suit a support role. Though the base friendliness persisted through reprogramming as it was a root core to her code.

    Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?
    I'd like to take on the role as synth because I really enjoy the support roles. Medic, Tech, Doctor etc.

    I think it would be really fun to approach those roles from a different angle and I know I can bring some flare to the role.

    What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?
    There has been many but one that stands out is being a medic on the front. I was getting swamped by dead marines and desperately trying to stabilize them all.

    Lucy arrived and efficiently treated, stabilized and turned a nightmare around. I thanked her for being a godsend and she said dispassionately.
    "I am just performing my duty".

    It was great to see the difference between humans and synths in that moment.

    Synthetic Character Story
    The cool hiss of ship systems coming online accompanied the lights. The U.S.S Almayer had pulled into upper orbit of a planet called "Shiva's Snowball".
    Communication had stopped and the Almayer had been dispatched a week ago, its crew of ultimate bad asses all in cryo sleep as was normal.

    Winter had not been deactivated however, she had no need and was able to perform maintenace tasks and check that the crew slept safely.

    As the cryo pods started to open she could hear the groggy conversations of the marines as they awoke to duty, some seemingly excited and others not so much.

    A man exited the cryo sleep bay and stumbled onto the deck, he had that hazy look of someone still half asleep.

    "Where da hell am I?" he muttered.

    Winter approached him and affixed her welcoming smile.

    "You are aboard the U.S.S. Almayer private, can I be of assistance?" She asked.

    He blinked and rubbed his eyes looking at her, he knew her from some ware but could not recall.

    "Where do I go?" The young marine asked glancing behind him, clearly this was his first posting.

    Winter tilted her head and went into helpful mode, she indicated the Squad Bravo mess hall that led into their armoury.

    "Through there to the mess, then continue on through the yellow indicated doors for prep and equipment. Private." She said in a pleasant tone.

    "Uh... thanks." he replied and turned walking into the mess hall.

    "Have a safe and pleasant operation Private." She said and moved away to continue her duties.

    The private saw his Squad mates assaulting their food and joined the line, an advertising chime drew his attention.

    "Drink Cherry Suto! It puts a real smile on my face!"

    The vending machine had a video advertising window, he saw Winter holding a can of Suto and smiling.

    With a shake of his head he grumbled "Nah, couldn't be."

    The Private had a Cherry Suto with his Cornbread before heading down with the rest of the Falling Falcons.


    How familiar are you with Engineering?
    I've done some Engineering, mostly cade work and com's repair. My on board ship Engineering is rusty.

    How familiar are you with Command?
    I've been SO many times and have worked in CIC operations

    How familiar are you with Medical?
    Very, I have been a corpsman many times and love the role. I've played Doctor quite a bit too and CMO only a couple of times.

    How familiar are you with Requisitions?
    Alittle, though I have read through a few guides

    What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.
    The lives of the crew come before a syth's own existence. I am permitted to defend the lives of others in combat if no other action is possible.

    This applies to non human and other factions only. For instance if the Almayer was being boarded by Xenos and I saw a marine fall just outside the cade line.
    I could (if I was issued one) use a small arm like a pistol to drive xenos away from his body so I could retrieve him for resustation.

    I could not however pursue and kill aggressively and try to resolve situations without violence.


    Are you familiar with the Synthetic Programming and Guidelines?

    Have you read the application process page?

    Do you understand that any player - donor or otherwise - can have their whitelist status revoked should they break our rules or the Synthetic Programming Guideline?

    Do you understand that you cannot advertise your application on any platform for votes. Do you also understand you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?

    Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?

    Are you currently banned from our Discord, and if so, why?

    Discord Ban Reason

    Other Information

    Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?
    Thanks for considering my application, I hope to be successful and am open to any feedback.

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    So when we look at an app, we're looking at a few things.

    Firstly, we look at this form for 2 parts; do you understand synthetics enough to play one and do you have some passion about playing your particular synthetic.

    I think you have interest, but I don't think you're showing the passion we want to see. A lot of this impression comes from a lackluster story that's entirely too short to show anything meaningful, and a lack of outreach with WL holders and council to get into the pros and cons of the personality you've chosen. It can work, but it needs to be really clear how you'd do it.

    Other is that you've not engaged and figured out how synthetics work. We're beings of "enlightened self interest", i.e. we serve ourselves first, sometimes through helping others. Furthermore you clearly did not retain even a modicum of combat rules. Synthetics are mechanically restricted from using guns of any type, even non-lethals like tasers. We cannot "use a small arm like a pistol to drive xenos away". There's a reason you see synthetics with things like spears, knives, swords, machetes, police batons, axes, and hammers, or just punching xenos. We have no other choice.

    Secondly, we'd look at gameplay of the individual, which means once an app goes up, they need to go hard on medic/doctor/squad engineer.

    I would recommend withdrawing this if you would like your re-application cooldown to start sooner. Please take the above into consideration for your next application, come find us in discord, and look at past denied and accepted applications should you choose to file another.

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    I have read a lot of fiction on synthetics and what they are philosophically speaking. The mistake on the pistol is fair feedback.
    As for passion for the role, I am looking for a role to really get my teeth into and shine with. Clearly my app did not reflect this.
    Thanks for the consideration and I will withdraw the app.

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    I like your spirit lex! Keep that passion, get more experience, and get your character out there - show your team what a great support player you can be! I'm looking forward to seeing your refined application down the line
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    The personality needs to be expanded, feel free to contact councilors, including myself for feedback. As stated, your story need works and needs to be lengthened to show who your synth is. Experience wise, you need to actually do REQ, I recommend soloing it if you can, because it is something that has happened to every synthetic. The other part is expanding your answers to demonstrate what you have learned from those roles. Thank you for applying, and we look future to your future application.

    Marking withdrawn as applicant stated.

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