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Thread: lennox - Ban Appeal (Job/Role Ban)

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    lennox - Ban Appeal (Job/Role Ban)

    Ban Appeal
    Byond ID?
    Do you confirm you have read the Appeal Rules and that this appeal conforms to them?
    Character Name?
    lenoox caldwell
    What is your discord tag? (If appealing a discord ban)
    Type of Ban?
    Job/Role Ban
    What is your Bancode?
    If jobban, which job are you appealing?
    MT, and all UP of that role
    Admin who banned you (if known)
    Total Ban Duration
    i think is that perma
    Remaining Duration
    probably is perma
    What other servers do you play on?
    normality, CM, another servers i an low active
    Are you now or have you been banned on any servers? Which ones?
    (no my secrets are my secrets)[civ 13, and one ES dead server]
    Do you play using a Virtual Machine?
    Is your copy of Windows legitimate?
    Do you connect using a VPN? If so, which provider?
    No N/A
    Reason for Ban
    at this moment i not have the exact, was for frontline as MT ,
    Link to previous appeals for the same ban (if applicable):Your appeal, including evidence (screenshots, etc). If you were in the wrong, explain what you did that was wrong, and describe how you have or will improve your behavior.
    behavior : I AN TRYING NO BOOM BRIG EVERY ROUND (never bomb brig), and no joining to ECHO, and No say the N word

    What did I do wrong, well, I join as MT to do my evil MT things, when I find the spotter's kit on the floor, I ask the command if they can change me to rifleman, they ignore me, I put on all the new drip sniper, ask the BRAVO sniper to lest me go how spotter, he aprove, i groupside in the second drop to no my break my sop and late reagroup whit him,When we were working as a team, he gave me a PM telling me that what I'm doing is wrong because of I don't know which rule, he told me that yes in rule clarification, I didn't get anything, making me hostility to this power trip , after this they jobbaned me and deleted from the round, and In that round, all I did was tank a few hits, I think I mentioned something about my sop and by the way I read the space law and the only thing I got was an IC crime,maybe two, I think about 15 or 30 minutes in brig,In any case, it would have been NOD and maybe Daso, In this case, I did have a few tools and 2 weapons along with the suit and the sniper pamphlet. as such broke it was one of rule 2,

    and there is the another round, Have you had a similar case before? well as MT happened to me that they put me a note after escaping from the MPs and going to the planet, I being married and knowing what crimes they were going to put me (guy had the charge of terrorism),

    How could I improve, well.. probably have to play Comtech.

    This is the appeal of the jobban, by the way I ended up with a time out, but I know that this cannot be appealed
    Do you understand that making low-effort appeals (short/does not address the issue/shitposts) may lead to immediate denial and/or other types of consequences?

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    Firstly, it's a different ban from the one you've linked. Regardless, you've been banned from all engineering roles and all command roles in the last two days for separate incidents. You've had six noted incidents in the last two months and several more in the months before, all of them for obvious rule breaches such as repeated frontlining, disregarding staff requests to cease rulebreaking etc. You need to start following the rules carefully if you want to see any of these bans lifted. Serious improvement is required, because your bans are about to start escalating in a big way. Please, read the rules carefully before you continue playing.


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