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Thread: Staff Report - MorrowWolf

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    Staff Report - MorrowWolf

    Staff Report
    Your BYOND Key
    Date of Incident
    December 30, 2022
    Your Character Name?
    Eleanor Tudor
    Their BYOND Key
    Approximate time and date of the incident
    1:12 AM
    Which of the following are you reporting?
    2. Behavior involving Misconduct
    Description of the incident
    I believe MorrowWolf violated this protocol:

    > Preserve the RP and enjoyment of the server

    I am unaware of what happened in between the segments of the event, however I do believe what happened with me specifically was unacceptable.

    Over the course of commanding three hours during the game on Shiva's Snowball, a minor event was happening that came after faxes were went.

    During this period, the first I was involved in, was assisting the ERT squad sent in with securing an individual who shot and killed one of them. I was extremely cooperative with the ERT squad throughout this entire round and would like to put that henceforth.

    I eventually left this and released him and another person into their custody (for trying to murder them).

    Nearing the 2:30ish mark, someone returned his headset. He started screaming over comms that someone was torturing him, and since we had no MPs (and only two people in CIC), I went to run down and check it out really quickly. I came to the MT with a broken leg and foot bleeding all over an ERT shuttle.

    I was obviously in disarray after thinking the PMCs were just here to investigate, so I began speaking and negotiating with them.

    Eventually, while I was typing, a departure message from the console was spoken as a regular message. While I was speaking with the team leader, MorrowWolf launched the shuttle via admin shuttle manipulator and gave the order to kill everyone in the shuttle without warning, chance to surrender, or even a chance to speak.

    After speaking with him in ahelps, he (essentially) told me that "WY wanted to silence me and make sure nobody knew". While I get that to an extent, why were we instantly shot to death without a word? Why was I just not ejected from the shuttle or at least given a moment to complete what I was saying? Why would WY gun down a USCM Captain who told her commanding officer she was going to investigate the PMCs and return? Even if this is all RP friendly - I don't think any of the players who he ordered to be shot dead instead of taken into custody or something found this resolution enjoyable. There was also not a single clue that this was going to turn lethal if I didn't immediately depart before finishing my message - it was quite literally leaning the other way, since I was actively roleplaying and speaking with the team leader and his squad.

    As the new RP Committee overseer, I would have expected something drastically different than removing half of the CIC personnel that were active from the round without a chance to be revived (especially since doctors were spawned to heal and roleplay with the ERT), and two other players.

    While I cannot speak for the MT and the ComTech that were gunned down, but I believe this to be an inappropriate response to what happened, especially with me.
    My logs do not go back far enough to where I'd need them to for this, so logs will need to be pulled.
    Do you understand that staff make the final decision in the resolution of this report?

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    Commenting as a witness, numerous times you were advised to step off and leave, I personally made two OBJ narrates warning shuttle takeoff was imminent and to exit the shuttle, and you did not.
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    Resolved - Denied as per Rule 8. Do not make an report unless you believe that a member of staff violated procedure or otherwise acted inappropriately/abused ingame moderation powers. This is not the place to post if you want a rule changed, or disagree with a staff procedure. Notes will only be removed by a manager if it was determined that a staff member enforced a rule wrong. If you have a problem with a procedure or a rule you can reach out to a member of mangement via forum PMs or discord DMs to have a civilized discussion with them. You may also bring up any concerns with valid criticism in #community-feedback, if you feel it warrants a public discussion.

    You are reporting that you are unhappy with how the event was run. There is no indication from this report that procedure in running the event was violated, nor were any moderation powers misused. You can reach out to their Manager on Discord or forum PM, but this doesn't justify a report.
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