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Warrior lunge changed to a wind up.
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As of a couple of months for now, the Warrior has been unchanged for the most part regarding their ability. It's been known that the Warrior's lunge is the most rewarding tool to use by most players as it used for capping marines in frontlines and taking down marines easily with little to no risk. Personally, I'm okay with how the ability is played and how it's used as it makes the Warrior one of the classes that you need to watch out if you're alone and keeps lone marines to push a frontline without support.

However, I do believe that it's ability to lunge at player characters from a 7 tile radius with instant teleportation from using the ability is rather too strong to not have some sort of wind up, especially when animals like a tiger don't lunge out at you without reading themselves and then lunging. Not that I'm trying to compare an earth animal to a xenomorph from a game but the ability to simply lunge at someone near instant speed and taking them down and flinging them back to the xeno side is not a very fun experience to play against, especially when they can turn the corner and lunge at you, instantly.

This is why I'm suggesting a wind up to lunge, maybe a 1 second wind up or 2 seconds. This would help the state of warrior as it would require some sort of skill level instead of a one click win all ability. It would amplify the level of skill the ability would ensue and give the Marines a chance to react to the threat instead if hoping that the grab isn't long enough.

The reason why the same can't be applied to Lurkers or Runners is because their frame is a lot lighter from one of a more muscular and slower xeno, like the warrior. Also because thats the only move they have that makes them somewhat reliable, since their health pool is a lot smaller and receive almost to zero armor from their attacks, unlike the warrior.

Hopefully this opens up the possibility of players to voice their opinion on the idea of changing the warrior class a bit and instill some change of sorts. Thank you for reading.