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Thread: Development subforum topic.

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    Exclamation Development subforum topic.

    Hello and welcome to our brand new development forums brought to you by the development team.

    This post is a required read on this forum section.
    That means that anyone who is making a post in this section is expected to have read this post.
    (There is a summary of the most important stuff.)

    Why split this section off? What is this section for?

    We split this section off because it is our opinion that development should not be discussed in the general forums.
    We hope to get a better back and forth with the player base in a dedicated section of the forums.
    In the long term this should assist in constructive communication between the player base and development team.
    The general perception among a lot of players is that things are done arbitrarily.
    This forum should be a vehicle for de-mystifying our development process.

    What is it not for?

    Mostly, suggestions and bug reports.
    Those belong on gitlab.

    Complaints about individual developers.

    You can make a staff report. Or contact their manager.

    Questions not directed to the development team.

    When we respond to questions, understand that our responses come from the team's perspective, and do not necessarily reflect the views of any one individual.

    While you may ask a specific developer about a specific feature of their's, general questions should not be directed at individuals.

    Will developers read these topics?

    In general expect it to be read and or seen. We do not yet know how active this forum will be. We do have the best intentions in mind but we won't guarantee a reply to everything.

    Why can I not post here?

    You can only post in this section through forms. These can be found in the header of the page.

    Off-topic discussion.

    This section is moderated more harshly then the rest of the forums. Shitposting and flaming rules also still apply.
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    Form usage
    Changelog discussion.
    Use this form to make a changelog discussion topic.
    You can make it about any time period or changes you want.
    For example: Changelog discussion 29/06/2019 and Changelog discussion June 2019 are both valid.

    Request clarrification for an update.
    This is an official request for us to explain our reasoning behind an update.

    Dev meeting topic request.
    Here you can suggest things for us to bring up during dev meetings.
    Developer meetings are held bi-weekly.

    Current feature discussion.
    A discussion topic for a current feature.

    How to become senior dev.

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