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Thread: Changelog Discussion July 12, 2019 - Quality of life

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    Changelog Discussion July 12, 2019 - Quality of life

    Changelog Discussion
    Changelog Date
    July 12, 2019
    Main Topic of Discussion
    Quality of life
    Update Feature(s)
    Cakey updated:
    The minimum age for characters has been increased to 19.
    Fourkhan updated:
    Overwatching a Xeno now cancels long-range sight for all Castes except Queen.
    Most Xeno abilities cannot be activated in overwatch (Sorry, Boilers).
    Burrowers can no longer use Xeno overwatch to teleport across Z-levels.
    Frans_Feiffer updated:
    Redrew the Leather Satchel.
    Removed an older version of the CO Tablet.
    Removed a stray pixel from the HPRs back sprite.
    John Titor updated:
    You can now remove fences with wirecutters.
    Bayonets can now be used to pry open airlocks, but does so slower than a crowbar and has a chance to break.
    Buffed the durability of airlocks slightly.
    Vendor machines can now both charge points and use up equipment slots correctly.
    Smartgunners' Barrel Chargers also consume their attachment slot when vended.
    Retrokinesis updated:
    The tables in the CIC command bubble are now reinforced and can't be flipped.
    Replaced the floor tiles that mysteriously disappeared from the CIC.
    TobiNerd updated:
    Added more nightmare fuel to Big Red.
    Vicacrov updated:
    Added more food vendors to the canteens, rearranged it a bit.
    Xenos can now extinguish humans being on fire. Attack them with help intent to do so.
    Stepping on a glass shard now only prompts a chat message if you step on it barefoot.
    The metal sheet construction list's order has been changed, putting barricades and APC frames on the top. Removed the air alarm frame recipe from it.
    One extra slot was added to electronics pouch. Removed the airlock circuit from the squad engineer one.
    Removed the QC injector from lifesaver belts.
    monkeysfist101 updated:
    You can now store your welding goggles on your helmets and caps.
    Opinion of the change
    something not in changelog i noticed is medic text is now green and stands out, which i really like, espically how it pops when your dead, now i can REALLY aggro when the medic ignores me, and know when he is doing his job.

    More food vendors is good

    no of frans updates seem to have been implmented
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    tfw no more cute underage marine gf
    Former staff, also former Synthetic senator.

    Now just a shitposter and lurker.

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    Rip my 17 years old CO

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    The metal sheet construction list's order has been changed, putting barricades and APC frames on the top. Removed the air alarm frame recipe from it.
    Stuff like this is always nice to see, it's not game changing but it adds a bit of polish and smooths things out. I've played engie a bunch of times and sometimes it would take me a second to find barricades, especially in the heat of the moment.

    Added MOOC (marine OOC) and XOOC (xeno OOC). These OOC channels will be visible thorough the game, but only staff members will be able to post to it.
    This is good to see too, it's minor but when you're playing marines or xenos and you see a mod talking to the other team in OOC it kinda takes you out of the round. I'd hope for a survivor OOC and maybe ERTOOC in the future too.

    The biggest change is identifiers and it turns out even with just 3 letters you can come up with some names that I'm sure will eventually get people in trouble, Ancient Drone JE-XXX-W really stood out to me last night.

    The new gun ranges are a good change, people won't have to go past the CPs to test out weapons now and they'll freak out medbay less.

    All in all pretty good.

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    Why he is still using that "John Titor" nickname?

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