Hello again everyone

The first of the changes I was talking about yesterday has been already agreed on with our dear Hosts and is implemented.

We have a desperately outdated and unenforceable rule of having developers work for CM and only for CM.

This is useless and stifles personal improvement, especially since our codebase is few years behind from any other codebase on things related to performance and backend logic. While we are implementing features, we are blocked from taking serious improvements done by literal hundreds of developers on other servers, and I don't want my team members to feel as if they are locked to work for CM and only CM.

Effective immediately, as long as developer does not post code taken from CM that wasn't written by that developer, all our developers are free to contribute to any other SS13 repository, as long as they are actively contributing to CM with inactivity starting after 1 month, and inactivity booting starts after 3 months. Any developer that is booted by this process is free to return at any time assuming this is not a repeated situation.

I want to thank all CM devs for the amazing work they do for the server. Keep the good work.