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Thread: Report a Staff Member Forum Rules

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    Exclamation Report a Staff Member Forum Rules

    1.Be respectful at ALL TIMES. You may be angry about your situation, but you need to remain CALM AND COMPOSED.

    2. Do NOT post in an complaint if you are not contributing evidence that proves or disproves an allegation. We do not want complaints to be "flame wars"

    3. Understand that investigations can sometimes take several days.

    4. For screenshots, we recommend using ShareX or Greenshot for instant uploads to

    5. All investigations into reported staff will be investigated by their respective manager/head, and the final action and decision will be made by the one handling it.

    6. FALSE accusations may be met with YOU getting punished instead of the accused.

    7. You may not make an report for another player.

    8. Do not make an report unless you believe that a member of staff violated procedure or otherwise acted inappropriately/abused ingame moderation powers. This is not the place to post if you want a rule changed, or disagree with a staff procedure. Notes will only be removed by a manager if it was determined that a staff member enforced a rule wrong. If you have a problem with a procedure or a rule you can reach out to a member of mangement via forum PMs or discord DMs to have a civilized discussion with them. You may also bring up any concerns with valid criticism in #community-feedback, if you feel it warrants a public discussion.

    9. Reports may be withdrawn at the original poster’s request, however once logs have been posted the report is final, and will need to wait for a manager to resolve. A manager only may make an exception to approve the request to withdraw the report after logs are posted.

    10. Reports may only be made for violations that have occurred within 48 hours of when it had taken place. Anything beyond that is null and void, and also you may only make a report for violations in that time frame. No reports or evidence making allegations of protocol violations going beyond that time frame will be accepted. Old notes where you believe the staff member in question incorrectly enforced a rule cannot be staff reported if it is beyond the 48 hour mark.

    11. Discord volunteers and mentors are not staff members, you cannot report them via the forums. If you have an issue to report involving a volunteer or mentor, reach out to the Discord Manager or the Admin in charge of Mentor Management. If you are trying to report a discord volunteer for a ban issued more than 24 hours, file a ban appeal instead. If you also have an issue with enforcement related to Discord, DM the discord manager. Staff reports are intended for in-game related allegations.

    12. Report resolutions are final and binding. Do not make a subsequent report because you're unhappy with the outcome demanding the managers manager resolve it.
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