What makes a synthetic special?

Long has artificial intelligence been a dream of humans. Perhaps it's a philosophical question - is consciousness or a soul unique to humans, or can it be constructed and learned? Perhaps it's loneliness - an unabated void subconsciously felt by many and satisfied only by another form of life, even if the result could be arguably lifeless. Perhaps it's evolution - the pinnacle being technology is reached when an intelligent species creates a semblance of themselves. Whatever the reason, A.I. has for a time been present in the dark corner of a ship's computer, but only recently has it been given hands that hold tools and a face that can show expression.

Synthetics, or "artificial persons", are the next stage of robotic aptitude. They are strong, fast, tough, intelligent, immune to disease, compliant, and bereft of the moral and intellectual inadequacies of their living counterparts. So, too, are they a fearsome foe should they malfunction or be given malevolent directives. For this reason, they are programmed with the inability to comprehend advanced weapons such as firearms. As such, a synthetic is able to defend itself or another innocent, but unable to functionally use ranged weapons while doing so.

This security protocol has been established by The Company, who always seeks to further humanity's goal of peace and prosperity by building better worlds without any alternate agendas. Synthetics sold to the USCM are programmed to adhere to Marine Law and are required to listen to the command staff, given the orders are lawful. Despite this, synthetics are given some freedom in their decision making and can decide which action has the most priority. *

Synthetics are not weighed down by emotions like humans can be. Though they are able to show emotions such as fear, sadness, and anger, these are only on the surface and never affect the decision-making process. They never need to eat, sleep or complain, and they will never disobey, unless the order does not comply with Marine Law or goes against what the synthetic is programmed to help the operation. This ensures that your synthetic will always be prepared to do the job it is ordered to do better and faster than any human worker.

Synthetic Quirks:

With every model, The Company programs a personality quirk different. Models can share the same quirk. Quirks can range from being a straight-edge bland synthetic, ones that are more humorous and cheery, ‘intellectual’ ones specifically versed in certain topics, and even ones that are informal and laid back. Being a Synthetic in the USCMC, your quirk would never be overbearing, archaic, tough to understand, directly hostile, or one that would disrupt the flow of the mission at hand or that would make communication difficult.

Examples of such would be ones designed with very heavy accents and ones that would purposely aggravate marine personnel, such as synths that believe themselves to be better than humans or vindictive Synthetic quirks. Any quirk that causes the synth to be opposed to any human harm, make it potentially favor non-marine personnel, or cause unneeded conflict would be instantly barred from USCM ships.

I, Synthetic. Your role in the USCM:

Even with combat use of synthetics being illegal, the United States Colonial Marine Corps has consistently used them across the galaxy, their skills and reliability used extensively when needed. As a synthetic unit deployed with the 2nd battalion of the 4th brigade, the Falling Falcons, on the USS Almayer, you will be expected to fulfill a myriad of tasks effectively, efficiently, and on the off chance, through a hectic storm of chaos.

As a Synthetic, you’ll be expected to perform to the best of your programming, no matter the situation. Be it as a stand-in doctor in the medbay, performing crucial repairs of the Almayer’s fusion reactors, overwatching a squad of highly trained marines, managing logistics for the battalion in the Requisitions bay, or even flying one of the AUD-25 Dropships. You may even deploy planetside, securing a FOB for the marines stationed there. Your success can and will be crucial to the mission.

Master of All, Synthetic Abilities:

As per the preface, Synthetics are stronger, fast and more durable than the average human. This allows them to operate in environments that would be too hostile for humans to tolerate. Since they are not biological, they are immune to atmospheric issues, have an increased resistance to damage, and can be quickly and effectively repaired from almost any state, including the loss of their head. Additionally, they are immune to disease and parasites that would plague a normal human. On top of this, Synthetics are granted the ability to speak and understand all human languages, having complex systems to decipher and understand any foreign language they come across. They are even able to understand alien languages they come across, although it takes some learning to construct sentences in these languages.

Requirements for getting your Synthetic Application accepted:

  • Read and understand Synthetic Programming
  • Correctly fill out the Synthetic Application using one of the forms.
  • Be active in the community prior to the creation of your application. If no one knows who you are your application will most likely not be accepted.
  • If your previous Synthetic Application was denied, you must wait a month from the date of denial to submit a new application.

Should you want a video reference on how Synthetic people act and converse with others, we advise you watch this short video.

* The Corporation is not liable for faulty or unintended Synthetic behavior. Please report any inadequacies to our benefactor - USCM High Command.