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Thread: Meeting Topic Request - Map building

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    Meeting Topic Request - Map building

    Dev Meeting Topic Request
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    Map building
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    Im making a brash request but ive always loved this game and especially this server. i was wondering if maybe you could let me get the objects and assets that CM uses so i could try to make a map for you guys. i have a meh standard of coding but would love if you gave me a chance to try. if denied please list steps needed to reach the point where i can be accepted.

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    Until we go open source, our assets are not publicly available. However, we are always looking for new mappers (spriters and coders too), so if you want to help us out then the best way would be to formally join the development team. To do that you can make an application here. Although bear in mind that we do expect applicants to have some prior experience that they can show us (for mappers that being mapping in the SS13 engine).

    If you are completely new to mapping then I suggest you head on over to TGMC which is open source and based on an old version of our server. You can download their codebase, and get some mapping experience there using either the default DreamMaker or StrongDMM map editor. Then once you feel confident, feel free to come back and make an application here if you are still interested.

    Once we do go open source ourselves, the community will be able to do some minor contributions, but the best way to contribute will still be to join the development team.

    If you have any questions concerning mapping, then feel free to ask me on Discord: tobin#2079

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