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Thread: Dellphenex - Commanding Officer Application

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    Dellphenex - Commanding Officer Application

    Commanding Officer Whitelist Application
    Personal InformationByond ID?

    Player Name You Use Most?
    Gerett Whirlow

    Make a list of links to all of your ban appeals as well as whitelist and staff applications (both accepted and denied) submitted within the past year. For appeals, provide an additional ban reason and the appeal’s verdict next to the link.
    I have no such link to give this is my first application and I have never needed to appeal.

    Have you received any bans in the last month?

    What is your timezone in UTC?

    What is your discord username and handle?

    Basic Questions & StoryWhat do you think is the job of a Commander?
    The job of the commander is to come up with a plan of action set LZ do briefing send the men off and everything a XO dose if there is no xo.

    Why do you want to be a Commanding Officer?
    Because I have been a XO for a bit now and I feel like I have the ropes enough to be a competent CO or as the men would say not bold.

    Provide a short story of your Commanding Officer.
    After being born on a USSR lunar city the Withrow family became refugees do to a large scale economic recession and at the age of ten got UA citizenship. soon after the young Gerett started to show a aptitude for flying and at age 19 joined the US air force and become a known pilot due to these skills he was transferred to the 4th aerospace wing and during a large evacuation from a UPP base showed leadership skill soon after he climbed through the ranks and became xo of the ship USS Aylmer and after the retirement of the CO he took the helm of the Aylmer.

    ExperienceHow familiar are you with command positions?
    I have played about 6 rounds as a XO with varying success I have also played as a PO, SL, and SO

    Approximately how many hours do you have as Executive Officer (XO) at the time of writing this application?
    9 HOURS

    How familiar are you with Department Head positions?
    I have played as a RO before and I have played in each department.

    How familiar are you with Marine Law and Standard Operating Procedure?
    I know enough to have been able to make decent judgments.

    ScenariosWhen do you believe a Battlefield Execution should be used?
    when a solder is actively harming the operation by knowingly giving bad OB quads calling bad CAS multiple times or in general trolling. also if anyone kills the cat that's a firing line.

    Under what circumstances do you believe it is legal to pardon a prisoner?
    I would pardon most minor crimes for high ranking persons that could heavily assist the operation such as a Squad Specialist or a SL. If they committed a major crime I would leave the MPs alone about it but I would make sure to always ask what crime they committed. If they are a repeat offender I would not pardon.

    ConfirmationsDo you understand that any player - even donors or staff members - can have their whitelist status revoked should they break our Server Rules or Roleplay Guidelines?

    Do you understand you cannot advertise or promote this application on any platform, including Discord?

    Do you also understand that you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?

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    The minimum time for CO is 30 hours of XO and you have 9. Everything is barebones as fuck too my man. Read other apps so you know how to structure it like them and what is expected of you when applying.

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    This is going to be a -1 from me, you need to work on your grammar heavily, and your answers are across the board very barebones.
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    Frankly, stuff.

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    You don't have enough experience in the role (as Zab said you need 30 hours of XO to be eligible). Answers are shorter than I'd like, and your story and grammar/spelling could both use a lot of improvement. More than one sentence usually is the minimum for the answers.

    Look at the other applications, see how they do things differently and learn from that. Until then, I don't believe you're ready to be a captain just yet.

    Application denied. Feel free to reapply in 30 days or whenever you're ready.
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    im an artist too! see my works at my art dump below

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