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Thread: Synthetic Programming and Guidelines

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    Synthetic Programming and Guidelines

    Synthetic Programming and Guidelines
    These are the rules that all synthetic players are required to follow. Listed are direct rules as well as explaining correct actions for certain scenarios.
    While scenarios may not require you following it to the point, overarching rules should never be broken for any reason and doing so will put your whitelist at risk.

    0.1 - If in doubt, ask before you do or take anything.
    1 - Do not harm Marine personnel.
    2 - Do not disobey valid orders from Command personnel. An unlawful order is not valid, thus can be ignored.
    3 - Do not break Marine Law in any way.
    4 - Do not antagonize or directly insult Marine personnel. Quips, banter and objective statements are fine, outright insults are not.
    5 - Do not perform needlessly suicidal actions. Your self-preservation comes first.
    6 - If engaged in combat, you must ensure the threat disengages or is disabled. If it runs away, you are not to chase it to the ends of the Earth.

    Your programming. Guidelines and Expectations.

    As a synthetic in the USCMC, you are built with a 100% understanding and adherence to Marine Law. You are unable to break Marine Law. A synthetic must follow orders from the USCMC Commissioned Command personnel provided it does not break Marine Law. As a synthetic, you would not second guess a lawful order from a commissioned command personnel. For all intents and purposes regarding orders, the Chief Medical Officer counts as the lowest commissioned command personnel. Unless the order is unlawful or puts the synth at harm, you must carry it out without question.

    While they have to listen to commissioned Command personnel, a synthetic may choose to ignore any orders or requests from non-Command personnel, unless it is an emergency, such as them informing you of wounded personnel, crucial broken equipment, or a major crime. Additionally, a synthetic will not circumvent emergencies to prioritize simple orders from Command, such as the Commander telling you to clean the hangar while treating wounded personnel. If a synthetic has no active orders, they may take a request from non-Command staff, assuming said requests do not break Marine Law or their self-preservation.

    In a mutiny situation, it is up to the Synthetic how to act and perform their duties. Mutinies cause several conflicting law breaches, and if the synth performed inadequately a review will be performed by the proper Council, which may result in deactivation.

    Combat and you. Synthetic Combat Restrictions:

    Synthetics are forbidden from firing any weapons, including direct fire emplacements (M56Ds) and indirect weaponry, such as CAS, the M402 Mortar, and OBs. However, they are not opposed to other humans harming/killing others provided it follows Marine Law. If there is a threat within the bounds of Marine Law, they can physically defend themselves or other innocents by subduing the threat non-lethally.

    If the threat is non-human or from a hostile faction, such as the CLF, Marine Law does not apply to them, so the synth can subdue or even kill them if necessary. However, synths are unable to perform active combat duties and will not perform combat specific orders, meaning they must not actively engage in combat unless in self preservation or in the defense of a USCMC Personnel. This would include telling a Synthetic unit to go capture something from the middle of an enemy base, or instructing a Synthetic to use flashbangs to daze CLF on the frontlines.

    Synthetics will always follow a motto of ‘Seeking peace, but prepared for war’. A synthetic unit should attempt to avoid conflict, but if forced to defend one's self, they will fight back. This aggressive behavior, however, is suppressed in large-scale engagements. Should a Synthetic Unit be present directly on the frontlines, additional self-preservation laws are activated to prevent the loss of the Synthetic Unit. These laws prevent a synthetic from actively attacking enemy combatants while stationed at the frontlines. During this time, the Synthetic Unit should be making it their priority to heal the wounded and drag others to safety. If a Synthetic Unit is actively assaulting or killing enemy forces in frontline engagements, they will be terminated and their parts salvaged for other unit repairs.

    While a Synthetic Unit is moving between locations, returning wounded, guarding the FoB, or patrolling the colony alone or in small groups, they are allowed to defend themselves and the lives of other humans, provided that assistance from others nearby is ineffective or unable to arrive in time.

    What is yours, is mine. Synthetic Gear Acquisition:

    In the case a synthetic needs gear from a department, they must ask for permission before taking any items. If the Department Head/Chief does not respond or give an explicit no in a reasonable amount of time, and the item(s) in question is/are perishable or of low value, the synthetic is able to take the item for their needs.

    An example of this would be taking an advanced trauma kit, an easily acquired low value perishable item which can be replaced easily. On the other side, taking a surgical tray is a no go, as it is a high value item and may only be replaced with a hefty investment by the requisitions bay. A synthetic must always remember to use their best judgement if the items they’re taking will negatively affect the owners ability to effectively perform their job.

    Synthvivor Rules:

    1 - Your self-preservation comes first.
    2 - The Synthetic Survivor is not obligated to stay loyal to the colony or the Company, they are at complete liberty to join whatever faction they desire. Ex. USCM, Colonists, The Company. (This excludes xenomorphs, as they will conflict with the self preservation clause.) A Synthetic Survivor cannot change their faction after joining one.
    3 - When engaged in combat, ensure the threat to yourself, other human colonists, and/or colony infrastructure ultimately disengages or is disabled however you may deem fit. You may proactively engage said threats at your discretion, but may not chase them to the point you are no longer observing preservation of self, other human colonists, and/or colony infrastructure. Once contact is made with members of a friendly response team (marines), you must adhere to the more restricted Gen 2/Gen 3 combat rules for the duration of the response team's organized presence on the planet.

    Working Joe Rules:

    "You always know a Working Joe"
    A Working Joe is not unique or independent. It's not capable of complex problem solving, and is barely capable of simple problem solving. You should not do anything to make yourself unique or act in a manner which would differentiate you from another Working Joe. You don't have opinions or views on things beyond suggesting a human could assist them with the issue.

    Working Joes are designed as a chill role, and should not be influencing the round in a significant or meaningful way. You shouldn't be performing tasks that are more complicated than basic manual labor, especially ones that are covered by existing roles (i.e. medical care, requisitions, etc) however assisting in the departments is fine and encouraged, but should be limited to moving things around.

    The third rule would be "Self-preservation: Working Joes will never fight back, unless part of an event, against a Marine, Xenomorph, or any other threat. They may attempt to get clear of the hazard, and are encouraged to report their damage. Furthermore, a Working Joe will not attempt to protect another creature from harm, beyond reporting the situation (i.e. calling for MPs if Marines are fighting, or informing Medical a Marine is dead/dying)”.

    General considerations
    1 - Is this gonna have ANY impact on the round?
    2 - WJs are an extension of ARES. Do not leave the Almayer.
    3 - It's okay to get humans to do stuff, but do not do medical besides moving an SSD marine to cryo, or moving bodies to the appropriate place in medical (morgue or lobby).

    Addition Synthetic Rules & Clarification:
    This list goes more in-depth about the specifics of certain Synthetic systems and behaviors. It's important to remember that Synthetics should be considering the round as a whole over just themselves. The Additional Synthetic Rules should be followed as closely as possible to avoid trouble but slight deviations from these rules that enhance the round may not be punished. (This doesn't mean these rules don't apply and saying you broke a rule to enhance the round will result in your whitelist being removed. It will be down to Head Staff, usually the Head Manager, to decide if the actions in question benefited the round or not.)

    Synthetics should avoid combat when possible and only brandish a weapon as a last resort. Units, however, are not restricted from combat in states of emergency. Note that if a synthetic is attacking anything on the front lines, you are entering the grey area of combat synth. If you do not want to risk getting in trouble and having your whitelist possible suspended/removed, we suggest you avoid attacking and leave that to the Marines.

    How a synthetic player acts in a mutiny is ultimately their choice. The two main choices are usually to stay neutral, acting as a medic for both sides and will not be targeted in the mutiny, or you can align yourself with the commanding staff being overthrown. Should you wish to protect the command staff, your job is not to turn into Robocop or a machine of mass murder in the name of the law. You may use non-lethal tactics to subdue mutineers attempting to break into the CIC to overthrow command. Remember your task is primarily to keep the Commander and his staff safe, not to take down the whole mutiny yourself. As with server mutiny rules, once you have picked a side you may not switch mid-mutiny. A synthetic who wishes to stay neutral in a mutiny is not forced to follow orders that will conflict with this programming.

    Following Orders:
    If the synth feels his current duties are being handled efficiently by other USCM personnel they can put themselves to better use in another department, this does not give synths free reign to ignore orders, use your judgement, abusing this will result in punishment.

    Xenomorph Interactions:
    All Synthetic Survivors have prior knowledge of Xenomorphic language going into the round start, having gained said knowledge from the initial Xenomorph attack. If a Synthetic Survivor is captured by the Xenomorphs, they are not allowed to actively assist them by harming humans or by directly assisting the infection and maturing of Xenomorph embryos, even if threatened to be killed otherwise.
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    Synthetic Combat Restrictions During Code Delta/Hijack

    An enemy force has just crashed into the Almayer. This original mission of securing the safety of the colony is overridden by the objective of ensuring your crew's survival. Once Delta Alert is activated, the synthetic unit's combat restrictions are revoked in order to protect its own life, and the lives of the surviving members. Their new objective during this emergency is to exterminate the threat that poses itself to the marines, as well as ensure marine survival (assisting in evacuation, medical support, building defenses). This revocation of combat restrictions allows the synthetic to pursue enemies for longer distances and attacking enemy threats even though there are capable marines nearby. It's important to note that a synthetic's first priority is the survival and safety of their marine personnel, they should NOT seek combat instead of tending to the support needs of the marines.

    In essence, shipside combat is not punishable, but a synthetic CAN be punished for neglecting duties on the ship (running past defibable marines, not responding to comms, etc.)
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