Well...What do...Start...My character's name is Artem "Lord Eng" Cherny, and today I would like to highlight the topic of survivors in my understanding
Survivors:One of the most fun, interesting and HELLISHLY DIFFICULT roles. While 3 fighters are trying to kill 1 xenos T2, you can kill 4-12 xenos ~~INCLUDING HIS MOTHER T3~~. But everything is complicated, relative and VERY random.
Let's start with the types of survivors.For myself, I have deduced 3 types of survivors: dead,closet,and funny
Let's take a closer look at the types.

The dead-as the name implies, this is a survivor who does not have the necessary skills to experience 22+ minutes of this hell.I don't blame them, after all, we always start with something.
Closet-Together a fun process of exterminating ~~demons~~ xenos hiding in the closet and waiting for the arrival of the marins.That's basically all that can be said about them.
funny are the type of survivors to be afraid of.They know the cards, spawns, skills for different roles and shoot just as well. If 3+ survivors belong to this type, they have every chance of surviving.And for a reason.To survive, you need to know the spawns of weapons, medicines, ammunition, xenos and other survivors.As well as the peculiarities of all xenos and ways to deal with them.
As I mentioned, for fun survival, you need to have a lot of knowledge about maps and other things.And good luck...Lots of luck..

1-Maps.You need to know the spawn points of the survivors and the xenos, the spawn points of the xenos and the approximate arrival time of the xenos.This will help you very much not to meet the enemy ahead of time, as well as to group up with other survivors faster.
2-Roles.The survivor appears with a random profession ((Which is a pity by the way)).So you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your profession-this will greatly help you in survival.
3-points of interest of the map.To survive, you need:Medicines, weapons, a convenient point with the possibility of retreat.You can also try to take things familiar to scientists:Flasks, records and eggs ((How you manage to get them is another question))
All this will spawn at certain points on a certain map.Not only you know this, but also the xenos.So speed is your friend.

Now I will highlight some points that I think not everyone knows about.
The nail gun is the very thing for which there is no difference.Generally.Xenos, Marine, Predator, UPP or CLF.Yes, even if you're a damn deadquad, this thing will probably kill you.
Besides the fact that he perfectly repairs barricades, he perfectly kills all living things.These are 40 plasteel Armor-piercing nails that do not see obstacles ((Except for the range, it is only 5 tiles)).He has a good damage of 25 units, and in addition has an excellent pasivka-deceleration.Everything you hit slows down, and moreover very much.You can read more about slowdowns here: https://cm-ss13.com/wiki/Marine_Equipment#Nailgun

Medicine:To survive, you need to constantly have in the blood:Kelo bik tric oxy .This set of medicines will help you even in the most difficult situation.The main thing is not to inject too much.No one will beat you up from OD

This is so to say a trial guide that I tried to write.After passing the last exam ((Physics)) On the 6th, I will thoroughly finalize it, but in the meantime, leave your comments and feedback