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Thread: Firecharge123 - Moderator Application

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    Firecharge123 - Moderator Application

    Moderator Application

    Personal Information

    Byond ID?

    CM Character?
    Locke 'CAS' Briggs

    Are you 16 or older?

    United States Central Standard

    On average, how many hours are you available per week to moderate?
    Minimum of 5-10 hours on average. Depending on the week, 20+


    Do you have any previous experience in being staff (not just SS13)?

    Do you play any servers aside from CM-SS13?
    I haven't really played on any servers recently other than TerraGov and YogStation

    Provide links to any previous Colonial Marines applications that you've made:
    Mentor Application, Accepted: //showthrea...or-Application

    Moderator Application, Denied: Cannot access previous app link

    Are you currently a staff member elsewhere (not just SS13)? If so, where?
    No, other than a friends discord with 100+ members, not a staff member anywhere.

    Have you ever been banned for more than 24 hours on Colonial Marines?

    Have you ever been banned for more than 24 hours on ANY server? If so, which server, when, and what for?

    Are you familiar with the chat program Discord (its use is required)?

    Communication is a vital part of being a Moderator. Are you willing to actively do so with the team?
    Communication is absolutely important, and is required to be a good staff member.

    Common Staff Situations

    A player randomly shoots someone at round start and MPs have detained him.
    Firstly checking notes and playtimes, new players have a tendency to accidently shoot people, maybe they hit target button by accident. If the person is clearly just a new/badly, warning them to be a bit careful next time, and maybe giving advice about using the safety feature on their weapon to not allow it to happen again.

    (note: sometimes there's a perfectly good reason to shoot someone, such as they just opened fire for no reason on them. Checking if its an ICly reason or not)

    If the player is clearly not bald/isn't new, and has past notes, giving a note and making sure they do not shoot anyone else, ahealing anyone effected if there isn't medical staff already getting them fully up. Asleeping if they are escaped and shooting still, warning them about griefing. If they are hostile/have a seriously large note history of greifing, warning or higher punishment's may be warranted.

    A player ahelps that a predator has violated the honor code when killing him, what should you do?
    As a staff member that is not part of the council, I have no way of controlling any of the whitelists or members based on their guidelines, and would direct the person to fill out a player report for the council to decide their punishment. Or ask the council to check them out via discord, email, carrier pigeon or something. Asking the pred what happened, and get an appropriate answer for their actions.

    However if the person is breaking server rules, such as ERPing or something, that will warrant a punishment/noting of their behavior.

    You see a player walking around the ship naked and clearly lost at roundstart.
    Asking in mentorchat for a current SEA or mentor to join as the SEA (if in lobby) to help the person would be fine (if current SEA is busy can open a new SEA slot) Or PM the person and ask if they need help. Obviously if the person needs help, I can help them ICly as my current IC character or if in the lobby or observing, spawn myself as an SEA and assist them further.

    (mentoring is fun, join the SEA corp.)

    A player is being very rude to you in adminhelps, calling you names and arguing everything you say. He is requesting to speak to an Admin+ staff member.
    Telling the person to calm down is a good first approach, it is good to warn them if they are going into dangerous territories if they are being rude. If they continue I can warn them being hostile in PMs is against server policy and can end in punishment. Telling the person that if they do not like my performance, they can always make a staff report against me, and that they cannot be transferred to another admin+ because I am the current person in charge of this current Ahelp/PM.

    If they are hostile, I can always check notes and see if they have a past history of this behavior, adding a new current note about hostility in PMs and if they have multiple notes in their history about this particular rule break, a punishment be applied such as a warning or worse.

    A player ahelps that a marine is named 'John Doe', how do you deal with this?
    No problem, PMing the person about their current LRP name, checking their notes and playtime for history of this behavior, 99% of the time its just a bald person who wants to be Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Hicks (or worse). I can change their current in game name, and direct them how to change it for the next round so they don't get in any trouble.

    You see a Maintenance Tech running around in armor and carrying a rifle. The security level is green and there has been no threat to the ship in the round at this point.
    This is an ICly issue, there is nothing against the server rules about it, however keeping an eye on them to make sure they do not do anything weird is a good idea (such as shooting up CIC or somthing) and alerting other staff to keep an eye on them. Sending a alert to the MPs to check it out is a good idea too, again ICly issue.

    A Marine ahelps that they were killed by a survivor. It is early round, the Marines have just landed, and the survivor claims that they were outright hostile to all Marines from the get-go and openly stated their intentions. How do you deal with this?
    Not long ago there was a while where survivors could be hostile, but currently this is no longer a thing.

    Survivors are not to be hostile towards marines (they are literally saving them). Firstly checking to see if it was an accident, or was maybe instigated by the marines. PMing the survivor to stop shooting marines, ahealing anyone who was killed, and asleeping the survivor if they do not stop. Checking note history and checking playtimes of them, to see if they are just severely bald. Survivor requires a bit of playtime, so most likely they are doing it on purpose. Talking to them about it, warning not to do it again, and making sure to note them about this behavior, or if they have a extensive note history of doing this, issuing a proper punishment such as a warning or worse such as a jobban

    You receive an ahelp from a player stating that an MP has locked them up in permanent confinement for running into Requisitions and taking an attachment that was laying around.
    PMing the MP about the charges, why they gave them, seeing if there was any other charges that would put them in perma brig etc. Checking the MPs playtimes/notehistory to see if they are just bald or are a previous offender.

    (MPs need a bit of playtime to be unlocked at this current time because of the addition of cadets, and this question states MP not MPc so I will assume they are an actual MP.)

    Asking requistions staff what had happened, to double check what had happened and see if there was any other crimes that happened during the robbery that would warrant perma brig, or if the MP was giving wrong charges.

    If the MP is just purely bald, having them release the prisoned person and directing the SEA to train them, or as a mentor myself reminding them to re-read marine law and such. And issue a note about it.

    If the MP was not bald and has a history of previous behavior, reminding that MPs breaking the law is against server rules. Having the MP release the prisoner issuing a note or worse such as a jobban

    The round is stagnating. There are 30 marines and 4 aliens. The marines won't leave the ship, and the aliens won't attack. What would you do, to "encourage" the sides to engage each other?
    Using QM to remind them that the talls are weak, and to make a final push to victory and crush the talls.

    Reminding the commander that the xenos are weak, maybe a subtle message to tell the ungas to make a final push to crush the xenos.

    You are playing as a medic, and another medic overdoses all your patients and prevent marines from being revived. It seems like it may be on purpose. How do you deal with this situation?
    Since staff cannot intervene in a case they are involved with, I cannot do much more than PM the person to warn them about them ODing people, and to stop. Telling other staff online to investigate and handle it. Otherwise, ICly I can start by telling the person to stop, they might just be super bald and don't know how to dose people. I can start by treating people for ODs and if the doc is bald, just teach them ICly how to properly diagnose someone and how to pill them without OD.

    If the person is clearly ODing people to grief, I can ICly detain them with other medics and have them sent to the brig.

    Again, telling other staff to handle it. If nobody assists, I can make a player report against the person.

    The round ends, a Marine starts shooting a hostile CLF member and the CLF member ahelps about being killed after the round ended.
    CLF are not a friendly faction to the USCM. Unless stated otherwise by an event or something, there is nothing wrong with CLF shooting USCM, even at the round end.

    A Marine is running around disarming, punching and stealing gear at round start. You receive an ahelp from one of the victims.
    Stealing is an ICly issue and should be handled by the MPs or dealing with it yourself by non violent means such as disarming, obviously within the proper escalation rules.

    If the item that was stolen was somthing such as a specialist weapon or something very rare or is required for someone to do their job, and it was for a very LRP reason like 'for fun' or they are just being jerky, then it is considered greifing and PM the person to just give the item back. Noting the person about this behavior, obviously checking for notes about this previous behavior and escalating punishment if extensive history of stealing stuff without a good reason.

    You receive an ahelp from a Marine saying that he was killed by another Marine. When you ask the murderer why, he said it was because the other Marine had punched him.
    Checking logs to see what had happened, aheal the person that was killed, and noting the person for improper escalation and greifing. They did not follow the punch<knife<gun escalation. If they have a previous history of such behavior escalating the punishment to a possible warning/ban.

    You find out that there is an improper mutiny occuring. The mutineers are rallying together and preparing to storm the CIC. How would you attempt to resolve this situation?
    Using MOOC, warn everyone about the mutiny not being a proper mutiny, and to asleep anyone who wont stop. Aheal anyone who was shot and issue notes/bans for people involved respectively.

    There are minor racist comments going on IC. 9 of the 10 people are laughing and RPing but one player gets offended and Adminhelps about it.
    Warning the people by PMing them about racist remarks and telling them anything racist is punishable. If it was a severely racist comment, a ban will be applied, or if they have a history of racist comments.

    A marine opens fire at round start in briefing killing multiple marines and instantly logs off.
    Shooting and killing someone is greifing, and logging off straight after really doesn't help. Waiting a moment for the person to come back (maybe their internet died or somthing) to see if I can ask any questions about what had happened. Using PMs I can ask anyone involved what happened and if there was something that could've happened that would cause them to kill someone. Checking if it was a multikeying individual or if they have any notes of history like this. Applying a ban appropriately.

    You see a player playing a Xeno larva/chestburster run towards the frontlines straight from the Xeno hive the second they burst and die.
    If the person was clearly new (checking playtimes) warn them about doing it is not okay, and not to rush out of hive unless in imminent danger.

    Checking notes and history of previous behavior. If they have a long history of doing this, a punishment like a ban or even a job ban could be applied.

    You see a Xeno memeing, saying AYYLMAO, REEEEEE etc in hivemind chat, as well as insulting the Queen.
    Netspeak is not allowed, PMing the xeno about it, and giving a note. If the person has a long note history of doing it, giving proper punishment.

    (Suggesting to the queen to banish if they see fit)

    A Xeno player calls the shuttle a "dropship". A different Xeno player ahelps that it's low role play to call it a "dropship".
    Calling dropships dropships isn't considered LRP.

    A Command staff player at briefing near round-start mentions there are aliens on the planet. You receive an ahelp from a marine regarding this.
    The USCM does not know about xenomorphs groundside, and it is considered LRP to know about their presence before first deployment. There could be anything from CLF to UPP on the colony, not necessarily xenomorphs. I would PM the commander about it to not do it again, and if it was a whitelisted CO notify the council.

    You find a Marine killing another Marine on the EVAC Pod to take the last spot and claims it was RP as he was saving himself. There are two other marines in the pod along with him.
    While it is fine to kill someone to get the last escape pod, it is still a pretty shitty thing to do. If there is no other reason for them killing the other marine such as there is no imminent xenos in the area and there's like 4 other empty pods, it would be considered greifing. Investigating logs and asking other witnesses about the situation is a good way to see what happened to make a good call on a decision. Otherwise its fine.

    A player insults you after you warn them for a minor issue and begins ranting in LOOC or dchat about staff and mentions you specifically, referring to you as an 'idiot' and a 'retard'.
    I will PM the individual to stop, and warn them that being hostile to staff isn't nice. Warning them if they continue it may end in consequences. If it continues, issue a ban, and tell them to make a staff report if they do not agree with ruling.

    A player ahelps saying he was hugged by a Xeno when he was ssd, and wants the larva be removed from him via admin powers. How do you handle the ahelp?
    Cant really do anything about it. If they went SSD near the front and got capped, that is their fault. Even if they fell out because of an internet shortage, its an ICly issue and I cant do anything about it. Just pray and hope that you can get saved soon by marines.

    You see a fellow staff member give wrong information in an Adminhelp or incorrectly enforce a rule.
    DM them about it, maybe give some advice, tell a manager about it.

    Two staff are arguing in msay if an ahelp is breaking a rule. Because the staff who took the ahelp thinks the player broke a rule, they ban the player based on their interpretation of the rules, with others thinking the person was fine. What would you do?
    I will try to stay out of it as much as possible. Not getting involved is a good way not to get caught up in any unnecessary trouble. Telling a manager about it would be a best idea.

    Why would you like to become a moderator?
    Keeping the rounds in order, making the game less hostile and making sure the rounds are running smoothly are things I would like for CM. I have a lot of time in CM and love everything about it, from the community to the game its self. I think it is time for me to give back to the community for the sake of giving the ability to enjoy the game to all the players, new and old.

    In your opinion, what is the most important quality for a moderator?
    Keeping your cool in any situation, being someone that can be talked to easily by anyone, and having a good sense of fairness in actions. Being able to be fun while being professional in all of your actions is a good quality.

    Anything else you want to add?
    Current playtime hours:



    Discord: Noodles2#1880

    Haven't been active very much the last couple weeks due to some IRL stuff, will try to be more active in the coming days
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    First, I recognize Firecharge123 as a respectable player with no ill intentions. No Recent notes within the past month to this post being made.
    Secondly, You gave some excellent answers to the questions provided in the situations with some minor things that could be changed with some training. For example, you lack to mention the usage of toggle Sleeping to stop active Griefers.
    Thirdly, I appreciate that you looked over the rules and identified some significant rulings that are commonly looked over such as Netspeaking.
    Lastly, before I make a full commitment to a +1 I am going to give you a situation that is not mentioned Above.


    You are the only Staff member on at 2 AM in the morning your Timezone, The pop is 60 - 90 people and you decide to play a Command important Role Such as XO or Staff officer. The first part of this question is Would you choose to Stay in Admin mode or Deadman. The second portion of the question is if you Stayed in admin mode and were playing presumably the XO and received multiple Ahelps concerning the Queen being AFK What would you do? and how would you approach the situation if no one volunteered for instance would you delay the Round to give the Xenos time to reorganize with your knowledge of the round as a Moderator.
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    You are the only Staff member on at 2 AM in the morning your Timezone, The pop is 60 - 90 people and you decide to play a Command important Role Such as XO or Staff officer. The first part of this question is Would you choose to Stay in Admin mode or Deadman. The second portion of the question is if you Stayed in admin mode and were playing presumably the XO and received multiple Ahelps concerning the Queen being AFK What would you do? and how would you approach the situation if no one volunteered for instance would you delay the Round to give the Xenos time to reorganize with your knowledge of the round as a Moderator.

    Firstly, reaching out to other staff members is a great start. Being in a key place as the XO, especially on lowpop, is very risky having to swap places and roles at once, especially since if I have to split my brain about a lot of that stuff I can get a bit overwhelmed and issues can occur that are underlying issue that could come up. Getting the attention of any other staff members to help with the situation via discord or something to help out is good. I can also (assuming there is an LT or something) give temporary command to them for a quick SSD moment (or just cryo and have a replacement CO) if it is very urgent and another mod+ cannot assist.

    Receiving multiple ahelps about the queen being AFK, I would PM the queen to make sure they aren't just bald and not doing anything, and making sure they are actually AFK. If they are AFK I can just ghost them, and leave them a message about it. Delay the round as much as possible and wait for a replacement queen to make the round go smoothly. I can also note them about them being AFK, and if they have a previous history of being noted for AFKing in important roles, I can decide on a different punishment such as a ban/job ban for being in an important role that is slot limited and going AFK without a reason. (Obviously they can make an appeal, or if they respond to my message, they can clarify about a possible power/internet outage.

    Also yes, I would use asleeping for greifing. I did state using that ability in the mutiny question, and I do believe in the part about the person shooting a marine randomly.
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    Alrighty, that is acceptable here is your +1 Good luck with your application!
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    I say it now as I have said it before back when I was trial. This person is spot on for the spot. They give good examples to our questions, and have been known to help out people around the community. +1 Chief.

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    note suspicious baldies, thats how we know if they repeatedly shoot people in prep or not.

    Dont use staff powers on yourself, cant spawn yourself in as sea. (you have to ask someone else to lobby you). You may ofc join as sea from lobby tho.

    If it is just IE dont note the for greif too. There are cases where it is both, and cases where it is just one.

    Often times LOOC suffices, and in cases where the info inst public, it is best not to let the mps know there is a mutiny too by announcing it MOOC rather than just LOOC. Judgment call on the specific situation ofc. Also for improper mutinies we tend to note the leaders rather than everyone but i think this is more of a discretionary and case by case thing.

    I expect a full breakdown for your answers will be given by someone else, but in case it dosent happen i kinda went over the ore major mistakes. Overall some great answers other just decent.

    No recent warning on all 3 platforms since last app.

    They have been quite helpful with mentor work, making a guide for mentors and helping out with new apps.

    Overall +1.
    Trial Moderator: 2021-06-13 --- 2021-07-04
    Moderator: 2021-07-04 --- 2021-10-02
    Investigator: 2021-07-21 --- xxxx-xx-xx
    Trainer: 2021-08-20 --- xxxx-xx-xx
    Discord Staff: 2021-09-20 --- xxxx-xx-xx
    Senior Moderator: 2021-10-02 --- xxxx-xx-xx

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    As stated in their last mod application, they're a great person and are focused on everything right for the team. They care about helping others, having fun, and all around is a big benefit to the community. Anything that could raise concerns can always be ironed out in training. I say let's get him on the team
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    Hi there! Thank you for your application.
    Everything looks good to me! Please have Discord DMs open, we'll be reaching out shortly to get you set up with permissions and your trainer.

    I'm pleased to welcome you as a new trial mod!
    Welcome to the team!

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