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Thread: TheeBiggest - Moderator Application

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    Well, after a bit of thought and enough time to do suspense, you shall receive my aye! You seem to have a firm train of thought of yours and I find that good, and you already have a bit of experience with CM in general with your discord volunteer position. Other than the answers that for me are enough knowlegde for you to come in and suffer through the trial mod training.
    Quite alright, +1
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    Your answers are decent.

    You dont seem to have any recent notes.

    You are well known in the community, and your discord work is decent.

    Overall +1.
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    Hi there! Thank you for your application!
    There are a few answers that could be improved, as I know you've seen from staff feedback, but I think your application shows a solid understanding of CM's rules, and demonstrates the ability to be level-headed, investigate a situation and respond appropriately. Application is accepted. Welcome to the Team!

    Please be sure to have Discord PMs open, I'll be reaching out shortly to get you set up with your trainer and update permissions.

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