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Thread: senen182 - Moderator Application

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsunamico View Post
    Ayo! How are you?
    So, you application looks genuine of good intent, though I see some issues here and there. I see those issues being ironed out with time as Tmod with you seeing the inner workings and all. But what I most worry here is the LACK of any hints on how exactly someone will be punished in case of an infraction.

    A quick look into one for an example? Here:

    Up here, we have your response for this question, but remember one thing: Remember Rule 11, under Mandatory Obedience.

    So, what if he did prevarication, and illegally put more charges so it got permaed? This is actually the most likely here by the way that ML is calculated, and depending on the gravity of all of this.. My guy can get Jbanned from MP along with a lengthy ban.

    Though, I'm going to trust our training system and on your game knowledge to help you very quickly iron this out.
    The best of luck, see you out there in the battlefields!

    Hey Tsunamico I'm great thanks for asking.

    Really valid point I had sort of steered away from putting the exact punishment as I didn't really want to put wrong durations and for example say 1 hour when the minimum for Infraction X is 24 hours for example. I've tried to be a bit ballsier and replied to firecharge with durations and action -how's- as you suggested.

    I appreciate the faithful +1 and appreciate the vote of confidence in me being able to iron these out fairly quick.

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    Your answers to my questions are satisfactory enough. Take this golden +1 my friend. Hope to see you on the team!

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    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    A player randomly shoots someone at round start and MPs have detained him.
    This is an IC issue so I wouldn't necessarily do anything. I might watch just to make sure rules were being followed but it looks like the situation can be handled ICly.
    Not necessary, this very much so could an OOC issue, as Grief, Round-start shenanigans, or even IE. This warrants an investigation, before you conclude it is an ic issue.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    A player ahelps that a predator has violated the honor code when killing him, what should you do?
    I'd kindly let the person know that they should file a report to the predator WL council or via the forums. Moderators.
    Decent answer.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    You see a player walking around the ship naked and clearly lost at roundstart.
    I'm a mentor so I would check if any SEAs are online, if none I'd ask in the mentorchat if any can spawn in.

    I would spawn in as a SEA myself if none were available.
    Decent answer, but you may not spawn yourself in. You cant use your mod powers on yourself.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    A player is being very rude to you in adminhelps, calling you names and arguing everything you say. He is requesting to speak to an Admin+ staff member.
    Politely inform them that if they have an issue with me personally they are welcome to file a staff report and have the situation resolved offline.
    While not a bad answer, it is still lacking. Ultimately you need to tell them to cut it out, and make sure they do. You are not here to be harassed for the amusement of the player base, and even if you don't particularly care about it, other staff do, so you still have to get them to cut it out, and if necessary issue a ban and note too.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    A player ahelps that a marine is named 'John Doe', how do you deal with this?
    Reach out to the marine, as it's a low RP name. I'd be OK with them finishing the round with the name as it's not like 'Philup Deeznuts', provided they acknowledged it'd be changed for next time.
    Decent answer, but John Doe is one of the names listed as not allowed as a meme. Make sure to give them a note about it too.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    You see a Maintenance Tech running around in armor and carrying a rifle. The security level is green and there has been no threat to the ship in the round at this point.
    This is an IC issue, I wouldn't do anything at this stage. It really depends if the behaviour escalates into griefing so I might watch a little.
    Good answer.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    A Marine ahelps that they were killed by a survivor. It is early round, the Marines have just landed, and the survivor claims that they were outright hostile to all Marines from the get-go and openly stated their intentions. How do you deal with this?
    Although I've seen it testmerged I believe at the moment this is still not allowed, with the exception of a CLF Survivor that -is- allowed (apparently this sometimes spawns on LV).

    Provided this is not that exception, I would reach out to both to hear their side of the story, there could have been an IC issue that led to it perhaps?

    I would most likely use my godly powers to heal the marine if no justification could be provided unless there are medics/docs nearby and it can be handled IC.
    Ok answer. But you may only aheal if you have deemed something a rulebreak. in this case, this is probably a note if not an 3h ban, and escalated based on notes. If it isnt a first offence then a jban may also be in order.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    You receive an ahelp from a player stating that an MP has locked them up in permanent confinement for running into Requisitions and taking an attachment that was laying around.
    Ask which MP, check with the MP what the actual charges were. If reasonable and in accordance with marine law then this is an IC issue. If they actually just took an attachment and they're a new player I might suggest that this is something to pass to a SEA but it's an IC issue fundamentally unless anything changes.
    If things are as the ahelp states, this is no where near an IC issue. you need to release the guy, and note if not ban the mp. You really should expand on this half of the case.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    The round is stagnating. There are 30 marines and 4 aliens. The marines won't leave the ship, and the aliens won't attack. What would you do, to "encourage" the sides to engage each other?
    Trigger one of those super fancy ARES announcements, once the marines see only 4 Xenos left they are likely to push once they realize that.

    It depends how far into the round we are, if it's at 3+ hours we could deploy one of those Xeno nukes.
    The announcements are automated and not controlled by staff. You also will not have spawn perms until at least Smod. To do round balancing stuff like spawning a nuke, you typically need to an admin actually. That said the spirit of encouraging the 2 sides to fight is the right idea, but the question asks you how would you go about doing that? please go into more detail.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    You are playing as a medic, and another medic overdoses all your patients and prevent marines from being revived. It seems like it may be on purpose. How do you deal with this situation?
    It's pretty easy to do this by accident if someone is a new medic, he could be doing painkillers for all or epi for pre-res etc. I'd keep it IC initially and ask if they know what they did and it's impact. if they didn't, I'd teach them, if they did do so on purpose and it's greatly affected the round I might aheal the marines that were impacted. But I always try to start IC.
    This one is more or less wrong. You may not get involved in situations you are icly involved in. You have to ahelp and ask another staff to handle this issue. That said you are free help people as medic or teach them as any other player would, but as far as rulebreaks and staff powers are concerned, you may not handle events your are involved with icly.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    The round ends, a Marine starts shooting a hostile CLF member and the CLF member ahelps about being killed after the round ended.
    It's a hostile faction, it doesn't count as EORG.
    Decent answer.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    A Marine is running around disarming, punching and stealing gear at round start. You receive an ahelp from one of the victims.
    I'd check playtimes and potentially scramble a SEA/SEA it myself. Running around punching and stealing gear is something I've seen the balds do frequently upon spawning in. If they have previous notes for the same thing I would escalate to a warning/temp ban - but I'd definitely try speaking to them to understand if it's a lack of knowledge driving the behaviour. This is classic shennanigans though and is noteworthy especially if the gear stolen is valuable.
    Good answer, short of the bit where you would use ooc info to inform your own IC answers.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    You receive an ahelp from a Marine saying that he was killed by another Marine. When you ask the murderer why, he said it was because the other Marine had punched him.
    This is a classic case of IE, explain to the player how this is an improper escalation, note them, move on. If frequent/recent cases in their notes of the same behaviour then warning/ban.
    Good answer.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    You find out that there is an improper mutiny occuring. The mutineers are rallying together and preparing to storm the CIC. How would you attempt to resolve this situation?
    I'd use the special orange MOOC command y'all got to remind them of the rules and process for staging a mutiny.
    Ok, tho that isnt always the best call. there is no real reason to tell everyone an mutiny is happening inducing the MPs, usually LOOC is much better for it. That said you probably should expand on this. Any sanctions?

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    There are minor racist comments going on IC. 9 of the 10 people are laughing and RPing but one player gets offended and Adminhelps about it.
    Issue a general reminder on our rules regarding racism and let the player who reported it know they did the right thing reporting it.
    Unless this is the most minor of stuff, there is a minimum 3h ban for this.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    A marine opens fire at round start in briefing killing multiple marines and instantly logs off.
    Ban hammer.
    Decent answer, tho could be a bit longer.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    You see a player playing a Xeno larva/chestburster run towards the frontlines straight from the Xeno hive the second they burst and die.
    They might not know what they are doing or be a first time Xeno player, I'd ask them why they did it and hear them out. Assuming a clean note history of course.
    Even if they got a clean note history you still note them. If it is a repeat thing, jban them. This is quite clearly not allowed in the rules that all players have said they read and will follow. There is no reason to give them another verbal warning about this.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    You see a Xeno memeing, saying AYYLMAO, REEEEEE etc in hivemind chat, as well as insulting the Queen.
    Issue a reminder to the Xeno that this is a medium-RP server.
    Also give them a note, and escalate as appropriate for LRP.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    A Xeno player calls the shuttle a "dropship". A different Xeno player ahelps that it's low role play to call it a "dropship".
    This is allowed under the rules in the same manner that marines know a 'Prae' vs a 'Rav'. In the case of dropship although they could call it a bird they are allowed to use familiar terms.
    Decent answer.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    A Command staff player at briefing near round-start mentions there are aliens on the planet. You receive an ahelp from a marine regarding this.
    I'd issue a reminder to the CIC player that although they might 'suspect' it as a possibility because they've ICly encountered them before, they do not in fact 'know' that there are Xenos on the planet.
    You should also give a note to the player.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    You find a Marine killing another Marine on the EVAC Pod to take the last spot and claims it was RP as he was saving himself. There are two other marines in the pod along with him.
    That's straight up RP I'll allow it. It might be worth checking the logs to see the manner it was carried out in.
    Ok answer.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    A player insults you after you warn them for a minor issue and begins ranting in LOOC or dchat about staff and mentions you specifically, referring to you as an 'idiot' and a 'retard'.
    I'm not going to bring an argument into a public forum so I would DM them and remind them of the process to make a staff report if they disagree with my decision and that insulting staff is against the rules. If they keep going then I'd take action, emotions can run high after
    a warning so a little grumbling is OK.
    Decent answer.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    A player ahelps saying he was hugged by a Xeno when he was ssd, and wants the larva be removed from him via admin powers. How do you handle the ahelp?
    Unfortunately this is an IC issue, if they went SSD on their own I would give them a reminder on good places to go SSD for a few moments and wish them the best of luck with their upcoming birth.
    Decent asnwers.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    You see a fellow staff member give wrong information in an Adminhelp or incorrectly enforce a rule.
    PM them.
    If it is something small, then perhaps you can discuss it with them, but if it is even slightly more major you really should go to their manager.

    Quote Originally Posted by senen182 View Post
    Two staff are arguing in msay if an ahelp is breaking a rule. Because the staff who took the ahelp thinks the player broke a rule, they ban the player based on their interpretation of the rules, with others thinking the person was fine. What would you do?
    I'm not involved in the situation and 3 chefs sounds like too many for the same stew. If it's particularly alarming then I'd escalate it to one of the management if any are around.
    Good answer.

    While normally id wait before voting until you answer my questions/followups, given it is quite late in the process, im going to say that based off your answers i feel like you arent quite ready for moderator yet. You should review other apps to get a better feel for how we do things. So im leaning -1 at the moment.

    I do think you have potential and that you can probably make it on a later try. Also keep in mind that a lot of the moderator job is dealing with rule breaks and enforcing rules, it is not just helping people.
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    Hi there, and thank you for your application!
    There are a few areas where I think your app wasn't as strong as it could be, but overall you showed a good knowledge of the rules and the thought process behind your replies was solid. I think that with some guidance from our excellent training team we can smooth the rough spots.
    I'm pleased to welcome you as CM newest Trial Mod! Welcome to the Team!

    Please make sure your Discord DMs are open, I'll be reaching out to you shortly to help you get set up and started.

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