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Thread: morrow - Developer Application (Coder)

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    morrow - Developer Application (Coder)

    Developer Application
    Personal Information

    Byond ID?

    Discord username?

    CM Character?
    Rickard Boar

    Are you 16 or older?

    Background Information

    Provide links to any previous Colonial Marines applications that you've made:
    //showthrea...or-Application (withdrawn mentor app from almost a year ago today)

    //showthrea...ic-Application (Denied synth app)

    // (Accepted CO app)

    Are you currently a staff member elsewhere (not just SS13)? If so, where?

    Have you ever been banned for more than 24 hours on Colonial Marines?
    Never even noted *finger guns*


    How would you define yourself? (Coder, Mapper, Spriter):

    If Coder, what languages?
    Java, Rust, C

    Any previous experience developing with SS13?
    I used to be a maintainer on yogstation about 4-5 years ago. For a brief time I was also a sitting council member and handled server box stuff. I won't lie when I say that I mostly inherited these responsibilities after being on staff for a while.

    I also attempted to start my own SS13 server called "Barony 13" 4 years ago. I learned quite a bit doing pretty much everything from mapping to coding to spriting and touched most of the foundational code that made TG tick.

    At the time I didn't have the skillset to really get it to take off and I dreamed a bit too big but it was a good learning experience.

    I've done on and off bug fixes and small features for CM. My biggest PR was ( which coincided with me leaving the army and I haven't gone back and cleaned it up. I rethought it after making it and decided it would be better to register an explosive with the console rather than how I originally did it.

    Proof of any previous or current work:
    Pre TG downstream yog stuff:

    Post TG downstream yog stuff:

    Barony-13 was set private for myself and the other person I was working with after we called it quits. I would prefer not to reach out to ask if they mind if I unprivate it but will if asked.

    CM Gitlab:

    CM Github:

    How well do you know Git?
    I'm meh with git. I use github desktop and haven't ran into any issues. I can usually google around and find solutions for any problems I have. I'm happy to put the effort into definitively getting more experienced with it if required.


    Your primary job is server development, not policing the server. You may be given Moderator-level of access but you should *not* be invoking any administrative actions unless there are no moderators or Admins online. Do you understand?

    Communication is a vital part of being a Developer. Are you willing to actively do so with the team?

    Why do you wish to become a developer?
    I enjoy CM and would like to help on the developer side of the house. There are many neat features that need code reviews and bugs to fix. On top of that, maybe I'll finally get someone to look at my design doc.

    Anything else you'd like to add?
    I'm excited to potentially work with you all and continue to learn.

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    accepted, welcome to the team!
    Karl Karlsson, the man (and sometimes Captain)
    Maxwell, the synth
    Enhath'vot Guan-Dha, the predator
    Also a feature Coder & CM's Maintainer Team Manager

    Timeline :
    Spoiler Spoiler:

    [CENTER]Retired Synth councilman, forever a member of IO gang

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