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Thread: USCM Dossier: Anekcahap "Kneecap" Volkov

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    USCM Dossier: Anekcahap "Kneecap" Volkov

    Personnel Record #X41833N

    Access of this record has been logged and tagged to your account. Unauthorized access will result in a Court Marshal. Do not continue if you have found this by accident or accessed by mistake report to your superior officer immediately.
    Anyone of Rank O-2 or lower in the normal marine branch should NOT be able to view this file.
    ALL Officers in the MARSOC branch, including the low-tier branch are allowed to view this file.

    Name: Anekcahap Volkov (Typically referred to as "Kneecap")

    Age: 22

    DOB: Aug 21st

    POB: [Higher access of O-4 or O-2-MARSOC required] [O-4 "Major" authority recognized; un-locking] "малая ракета" colony 4776, UPP space.

    Current Rank: Cpl E-4

    Family / Blood Relations:

    Alina Vashtayet (Mother) [Deceased]
    Miklan Volkov (Father) [Deceased]
    Foster Parents:
    Lynia Heirtzler (Mother)
    Mark Lyon (Father)
    Jacob Lyon (Step-Brother) [Currently serving in the Navy as a Petty Officer]
    Known relatives & applicable extended family:
    Jolken Vashtayet (Uncle) [Deceased]

    Qualifications / Training:

    Spoiler Spoiler:

    General Notes:

    Agent X41833N, known by his fellow marines as "Kneecap", is a highly-trained stealth operative that is currently stationed aboard the [USS Almayer] with the [Falling Falcons]. Kneecap generally does not talk about his past, but finally opened up when he was recognized for his potential due to his highly broad, and some-what extensive, skill-set. - Agent Y33712Z, MARSOC O-2

    Kneecap is a highly capable individual, and should never be under-estimated or under-utilized in an AO. Kneecap has snuck into hives to get marines out of nests, into UPP Top-Secret Facilities to hack and get information, sniping HVT missions, you name it. - CO of USS Almayer

    Medical / Psychological Assessment:

    Spoiler Spoiler:

    Important Notes / Contingencies:

    Due to the highly valuable and sensitive intel Agent X41833N handles, he should be watched and monitored passively through default electronic data tracking. Any red flags are to be immediately investigated and the agent questioned as a last resort.

    Kneecap should be assigned to most operations, though command should be reminded that anything "morally grey" could result in insubordination, which he no doubt, has a few NJP's for. Though on the flip-side, should command, or anyone in general, come to him for advice you can expect a highly moral response.

    Should Agent X41833N go A.W.O.L, desert, or otherwise become "rogue", a standard MARSOC clean-up team should be deployed to neutralize him. Though due to the highly survival-based skillset he has due to civilian life through BSUA and his combination of military training, this may become quite a challenge.

    Kneecap has been made aware of such contingencies, as with all Agents and Operatives in the MARSOC branch regardless of low or high tier.

    [Log Out] [Y/N?]


    [Encrypting File]

    [File Sealed]
    Is an Ambidexterous marine and xeno main.

    Anekcahap "Kneecap" Volkov
    Agent X41833N

    "Some of the best words are never said, but are rather understood."

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