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Thread: Lagomorphica - Synthetic Application

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    Lagomorphica - Synthetic Application

    Synthetic Whitelist Application
    Personal Information

    Byond ID?

    Discord ID?

    Marine Name
    Frydenlund Svafnisdottir, Rozamond A.W Sarin, John Sargent

    Other Whitelist Applications
    None, unless Mentor Application is counted - //showthrea...or-Application

    Character Information

    Name of the Synth Character you wish to play

    What is your Synthetic's Personality?
    Lucy's personality is primarily focused around one of the original purposes of her creation - originally as a craftswoman/armorer. While this may sound limited in scope, the definition of 'armorer' or 'craftswoman' is pushed by her specific knowledge of the field.

    In this instance, for the variant aboard the USS Almayer, her personality and 'art' focus primarily revolves around weapons - having an expansive knowledge of firearm and weapon designs, and the intricate nature of it. Most importantly, though, they view weapons as almost an extension of a person - the way it is maintained and cared for, along with its use, being a window in to a person, almost - for their mental status and similar, along with carrying a 'story', based off how they are used.

    Their knowledge also covers the function and purpose of a vast array of weaponry - while they are not permitted to use firearms, they are aware of HOW to employ them effectively. This is what some would call their quirk, however they additionally have a focus on tactile reassurance more than solely verbal - along with being uncannily calm. This tactile reassurance is usually almost always.. off, however, for instance - held too long, or just uncomfortably common.

    Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?
    I absolutely /love/ Aliens lore and similar. Most importantly, I love the concepts of synthetics, both in CM lore and in Aliens lore - of their vast issues, the Autons from Resurrection or whatever that shit film was, the concept of Artificial People, and similar.

    I enjoy the avenues of roleplay it opens up - I already get quite a fair bit of roleplay interaction with my other characters, but having a character more dedicated solely to support and whom I can roleplay in a very specific way, along with their own nuances is.. interesting, to say the least.

    Most importantly, though, the concept of being able to assist marines in any way which is required appeals to me greatly - many a times have I had to go one role over another, only for our FOB to fail due to a lack of medics - or due to a lack of anyone setting it up if I go medic. Being able to assist or do all of these jobs is, in my opinion, a quintessential goal for anybody who enjoys support roles.

    What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?
    I don’t think I have an individual interaction, but I do very strongly remember three synths - perhaps most likely due to my timezone, but they are Phelan, Mia, and Katie.

    I very much fondly remember them as being, well, good at doing their job, for one, but also those little moments in between - despite being so incredibly busy, and holding themselves to such a high standard of gameplay, they still managed to find time to roleplay.

    There was nothing really like pre-drop when marines would just insult Phelan, and the casual smoothness of something that could not be construed as an insult but was also in its own way insulting was elucidating.

    Synthetic Character Story

    I also made sure to get people to actually look over it and give feedback - if you feel anything is poorly written or week, please, tell me! This specific story, although not mentioning where it was, takes place aboard a Conestoga - in lore, they were converted to rapid response ships by 2179.


    How familiar are you with Engineering?
    Well versed. I am aware of ship reactor maintenance such as fuel cell removal and insertion, reinforced wall construction and deconstruction, airlock construction and deconstruction, APC’s, etcetera. Most importantly, I am aware of the tenets of a good FOB design and spend a significant amount of my time recording and going over my own mistakes to improve, along with drawing up on maps potential FOB designs to think of.

    While some people may say I waste metal, I always have a reason for doing so and understand the core principles underlying engineering. If there is an option to, however, the one thing I do not know is how to deconstruct a vending machine - thus so far I have attempted to use every tool on it but have never been able to disassemble one. I assume this is not possible, though - but otherwise, I am aware of the tenets of FOB design, airlock construction, windoors, medibots, etcetera.

    While these are all niche, and I may have to think about how to build some of them, I can still work out how to do so without the wiki in most cases.

    How familiar are you with Command?
    I am capable of operating all of the consoles and understand how to relay intel and read monitors, however I would likely suffer if required to lead an entire operation by myself - while I have relevant staff officer experience and understand how to be a body part within command, I am not the most experienced at issuing orders (for instance, creating a proper battle strategy - while I could probably do the generic LV-624 push through hydro then caves, I would be incapable of creating a detailed battle plan or strategy. I doubt this will be an issue, however - synthetics do not have a rank and ergo should not be leading an entire operation, when an enlisted officer could do so instead.

    How familiar are you with Medical?
    Very familiar. I am capable of producing almost all healing chems from memory, and can do all surgeries from memory - along with knowing most disarm intent surgery steps that are useful, how to diagnose almost all problems without a body scanner, and how to triage effectively - such as knowing that some may die so others may live.

    The only constraining factor for somebody being revivable, however, is simply a matter of time, resources, and CPR. If there are other medics available and they are treating, or capable of treating, the less wounded or barely deceased, they should do so - and the synthetic should handle the most extreme cases due to their faster synthline and synthgraft speeds, along with superior defib healing. There are also times to allow those who are severely injured to perma, though - it is of no use to save one life in exchange for seven more, when you may save seven lives in exchange for one. You may also have to do heartbreak surgery on the field, and should know how to minimize the time spent doing them - using small tips like trying to avoid switching tools as often as possible if you need to be quick, skipping the hemostat step and giving QC or bicaridine, opening broken rib cages or using a circular saw on disarm intent, and other such things.

    My priorities shift depending on situation, though - if I believe that it is more valuable to defibrilate two or three lower damage patients in under 30 seconds, versus spending those 30 seconds working on a heavy damage patient, I will do so. Their is no one size fits all rule for Medical, in my opinion.

    How familiar are you with Requisitions?
    I am capable of operating Requisitions, however find it incredibly boring to do so as CT. As a synthetic, though, being able to do other things if needed makes it more promising. While some rounds may solely be Requisitions work, this would generally be when no other CT’s or RO’s exist, and thus would be more enjoyable in my opinion. I am aware of general supplies needed on each maps, how to get infinite shotgun and standard rifle ammo, how to use the cardboard, and budgeting - for instance, sending extra coifs on Shiva’s and Sorokyne, having squad communications on and listening for people's requests, backpacks to minimize space, etcetera.

    I am also aware of how to scavenge metal and other supplies - the spare cardboard in the construction site below Normandy, crowbarring the airlock present there for an extra 5 metal, and the myriad of barrels scattered around that can be crowbar’d. I am also aware of the spare Requisitions stamp located in the briefing room, scavenging points, putting papers on clipboards to prevent clutter and stamping them for extra points (although I am not entirely sure if this even works, I know stamping them and sending them back down ASRS works for 100 points, though.) It is likely that during solo requisitions this would have to be done with efficiency, though.

    I do also have a prioritization list for Requisitions, making sure to get FOB supplies primarily and also trying to get Specialists what they need - but the success of Requisitions is also somewhat more tied to the IO’s and PO’s now with their ability to produce even more budget, or if Research gets a fat 20,000 paycheck.

    What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.
    Combat as a synthetic is a reactive action rather than a proactive action - taken in defence of oneself or another. Once a threat is no longer posed, disengaging is important. On the frontline, combat restrictions are even harsher, and generally should be avoided completely.

    For a few examples -
    if you are on the FOB and a burrower is capturing a lone marine, you may engage it to force it to leave, however you should not actively pursue it. If you are surrounded by 3 other marines and they are actively shooting the burrower, you should not - they are capable of responding and are doing so. Instead, you should retrieve and recover the marine, dragging them to safety and treating them.

    Another example would be dragging a marine back from the frontlines who is in critical condition or fireman carrying them, with an escort who has a broken arm - if you are ambushed, although you have somebody combat capable, if they are not effective enough to defend you and themselves, you may step in and go on the defensive if needed, but should hold off on doing so if possible. If you neutralize the threat, for instance put it in to critical condition, you must then step away and let the marine deal the finishing blow.

    In my opinion, the only exception to this - that of having to leave a xenomorph in critical condition - would be in the event of a marine being devoured by the xenomorph. The only feasible way to save the marine would be to kill the xenomorph, and ergo, I feel it would be reasonable to do so - circumstances pending, you must also not obviously chase it to the ends of the earth.


    Are you familiar with the Synthetic Programming and Guidelines?

    Have you read the application process page?

    Do you understand that any player - donor or otherwise - can have their whitelist status revoked should they break our rules or the Synthetic Programming Guideline?

    Do you understand that you cannot advertise your application on any platform for votes. Do you also understand you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?

    Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?

    Are you currently banned from our Discord, and if so, why?

    Discord Ban Reason

    Other Information

    Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?
    I really do wish to get the synthetic whitelist, if only to help out on lowpop operations - but, if this application is denied, I fully accept that fact, and will likely reapply in another few months regardless. All I would ask in that case is simple tips on how to improve my gameplay, if that is the issue - I already go to great lengths in an attempt to improve by recording my gameplay if I feel I have made a mistake and going over it to try and correct it in future, along with asking for input from others on the discord about my FOB design and similar.

    My biggest failing may potentially be map knowledge - I know the names and how to navigate to the major locations on all maps, and how to find the LZ from any point on any map, but for smaller, niche areas I may not know what they are colloquially called or similar. I also feel as if it would be rude to name specific people who may be willing to vouch or say I am competent - although I do know that they exist, I do not wish to advertise, directly or indirectly.

    I do also, however, recognize my own mistakes - as I am only human. The majority of these are more related to my judgment calls or my own physical limitations (as in, lag) than support abilities, however I have slowly and systematically been eliminating these mistakes - but still, sometimes I am plagued by miss inputs and forced to try and click on a guy for a second or third time to defib him. I am also aware some of my answers are extremely long form - and having read over synthetic applications, I know it isn't needed for them to be long, but I feel like conveying all of my points only really works in those long forms, and I am also just really nervous about it. I have just spent the last 10 - 20 minutes working up the will to post this, and feel a little lightheaded even now.

    I will also add that after posting my application I will likely be asleep, and thus will answer questions when I wake up - it is currently 4 AM for me.

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    Promising stuff.

    I think it would be greatly appreciated if you could post a screenshot of your ingame marine playtimes too, just helps everyone get a good idea of how long you have played for and what you have been playing.
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    While I will admit I do not have a large majority of playtime on some roles - such as Requisitions, as I find it boring as I have stated - I am still capable of playing it, and will do so if needed (if I see that nobody is doing it, for instance - during one round as MP Cadet I did solo requisitions until somebody came about 2 hours in). I do, however, primarily play support roles and 'watch the operation', as some CO's say - observing what is needed and how to obtain it, moving supplies to the front even as combat roles, and similar. As MP Cadet I also enjoy assisting around the ship if needed, moving bodies and intelligence. I will likely get some more Requisition hours despite this if possible, as their is something cathartic about 'liberating' 2000 metal from the Almayer.

    unknown (5).jpg

    Their are two more roles below this, Provost Team Leader and Corporate Liasion at 0.1 hours, but I do not see a point in including those. I have some videos still saved of me playing, as well, but I have mostly deleted and cleared it, and it is a relatively small sample size - with me occasionally making mistakes in them, as that is why I record them.

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    A very well-made Application.
    I've only got two concerns-
    I personally havn't seen you do much as Medic or Doctor, but, others in the synth chat have vouched for that, so I don't think it's going to be an issue.

    The other is Req.
    Luckily, unlike doctor, you can reasonably get a grasp on How someone will handle Req over text- so here's a basic question

    - You're alone in Req, and the Roundstart Req Rush has calmed down, you need to put together the FOB crate for Kutjevo LZ1. Give a list of what you would buy and what you would stock the crate with.
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    A solid Synthetic story and application, finally! Jokes aside, I'm glad you didn't rush the application process and I've enjoyed my interactions with you ingame and on Discord, you seem like a solid dude to hang around with.

    Otherwise, gonna list my opinions on each question

    Personality: Looks good to me, nothing generic, maybe the "calmness" is overused since Synthetics aren't made to panic in the situations we face. What makes it better is the Quirk for weapons, seeing how it's quite literally used from start to end of each game, it would be interesting to see what interactions you'll have talking to Marines about their meta loadouts.

    Interactions with Synths: What?! I'm not your favorite!? Insta-denial!! Nah I jest, I do remember having interactions with Fry, being Medic or Engineer, not so much your A.W. and I do fondly remember Sargent but it's safe to say I had no troubles interacting with you.

    Story: Looks great! Dunno how Lucy survives a literal bullet through the eye, I guess it goes through the side but, it was a good read, loved the details you went describing each gun and bullet casing, hopefully I get to see that ingame!

    Support roles - I can definitely vouch for your Medical and Engineering skills, seen you enough times (and interacted with) to know you can do them. I don't have any memory of you doing Command and maybe a little bit of Requisitions so answering these Questions I have will sway my vote

    "When it comes to Command, if you were to help CIC due to the XO being alone and having trouble multi-tasking, how would you go about ordering Squads? If desperate measures come into play, the XO demanding you to enter the Orbital Cannon coordinates and launch it, what would you do?"

    "In a medical setting, a Marine is seen with 30u of Oxy Overdose, already dead due to ~200 Toxin damage, how would you go about fixing this Marine? Another question, a Marine has Internal Bleeding yet they have Bicard OD in effect, why is the IB not being healed? Lastly in a surgical setting, you are attempting Larva removal. You have the Pict-tool and a scalpel yet you're lacking the rest of the surgical equipment and the Marine doesn't have much time. Explain start to finish how you would complete this surgery.

    I'll post a imgur link and I want to know your thought process on how to improve the cade design by 110%, otherwise. "You are in FOB and you see a cadeline which could be improved by shifting where the barricades go but a the Comtech who made it sees you, telling you off that what you're doing is dumb, how would you treat this interaction as a Synthetic?"
    How would you fix this cadeline? (Can just DM me with your changes or explain in detail here)--> ((Not the best picture I have in my collection but there can be major improvements.))

    Combat: " If you neutralize the threat, for instance put it in to critical condition, you must then step away and let the marine deal the finishing blow. " Assuming the Xeno falls crit beneath your feet, it is ok to deal the finishing blow because it's stated you can subdue (cause the threat to flee) or "Disable" it (meaning you can kill, it's an active threat to your preservation and the lives around you who cannot defend themselves.) Just be sure you let Marines do their thing and jump in when things are getting very bad for their safety.

    Other stuff like map knowledge, just use the wiki, most maps there are up to date so just have that open in your search engine. I look forwards to your replies to my questions!

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    Sorry, was taking a shower. I'll answer your questions to the following though -

    When it comes to Command, if you were to help CIC due to the XO being alone and having trouble multi-tasking, how would you go about ordering Squads? If desperate measures come into play, the XO demanding you to enter the Orbital Cannon coordinates and launch it, what would you do?
    For ordering squads, this is a difficult question - synthetics do not possess a rank nor a form of seniority, in this instance, and are partially outside of the chain of command. In my opinion, the method of handling this would be akin to how I consider playing as Staff Officer, with some aspects removed. I would handle this by doing the following -
    - Inform the Executive Officer and squad leaders of the current casualty numbers, and the number of active marines. This will enable them to make more tactically sound decisions regarding the operation, without necessitating an overstepping of boundaries or requiring me to take manual control of the operation.
    - Inform the Executive Officer and marines of the current number of captures, and if a sensor tower is up, the potential number of xenomorphs. In the event of an ARES bioscan, memorize the number present and keep in mind it may be partially off. You may then make an educated guess based off what marines who have been captured say regarding bursts, as each capture will give two larva. While this will not be the number of xenomorphs on the field, it does give intel regarding their current numbers.
    - Inform the executive officer of potential openings or gaps in the marine line, along with informing the marines of their own weaknesses. A cursory scout of the forward base through helmet cams and providing suggestions to Bravo, rather than orders, can do wonders for an operation - and if it is particularly egregious, the Executive Officer may be convinced of the issue enough to order it to be altered.
    - Give marines information regarding developments in other squads - for instance, if their are no medics to the NORTH and multiple marines are down, and Bravo has two medics on the FOB with a doctor, those two medics may go off - the doctor should be able to handle any casualties at the FOB, and typically the FOB does not see mass casualty unless a siege is underway/full retreat. This will alleviate the executive officer from having to make small micromanaging decisions, and can be conveyed as suggestions.

    My overall goal here is to simply take pressure off of the executive officer - so they may focus on leading rather than having to attempt to wrangle marines. You may also provide an informed medical opinion of certain marines and locate them with the health scanner - where their are a large number of bodies, how a choke is going, etcetera. In regards to this style of playing SO or synthetic, I do know people who have seen me play as such, and I find it is generally appreciated.

    For your OB question, the synthetic is allowed and able to assist - I may load it, and potentially dial coordinates, however firing it is beyond the purview of a synthetic. Based off what I have read in the past, as well, you may also get the coordinates - HOWEVER, and this is a large HOWEVER, it is extremely inadvisable as you are responsible for any marines killed, and ergo it is not worth doing so. Effectively, my goal would be to set up everything for the shot to be done, but to never pull the trigger myself.

    In a medical setting, a Marine is seen with 30u of Oxy Overdose, already dead due to ~200 Toxin damage, how would you go about fixing this Marine? Another question, a Marine has Internal Bleeding yet they have Bicard OD in effect, why is the IB not being healed? Lastly in a surgical setting, you are attempting Larva removal. You have the Pict-tool and a scalpel yet you're lacking the rest of the surgical equipment and the Marine doesn't have much time. Explain start to finish how you would complete this surgery.
    A 30unit oxycodone overdose will do roughly 4 damage a tick - it is just at the threshold of a critical overdose and will metabolize quickly once they are revived. They are likely to have brain and liver damage, along with likely to have oxygen damage, which is ultimately irrelevant. Assuming I have had time to procure the chemicals I need, and depending on what tools a synthetic has, I have three approaches to this.

    Assuming they are close to death, my first step will be to quickly shock them - it will take time, regardless, for me to treat them, and I have to administer quite a few medications to be able to treat it. The defibrillator has a small chance to deal heart damage, yes, but that is fixable - brain death is not.

    The first one is, assuming that Colony medical is available or secured, I may head to the colony medical grounds and begin basic purging. This can be done by administration of ATD, which will heal 3.5 toxin damage per tick - enough to largely offset the damage of the oxycodone, but not to treat it, and administration of peridaxon and IA. I will then administer epinephrine to them, and use a defibrillator on them - it should take them down to, I believe, 150 toxin damage. By placing them in the dialysis machine, I can then quickly remove the toxin from them. I could also use the cryotubes, assuming that chemistry is powered, to quickly remove their toxin damage once they are up.
    As a second option, assuming I do not have colony medical and instead solely have my chemicals and field surgery equipment, I can do a similar series of steps - administering ATD to offset the oxycodone overdose, and giving them peridaxon and IA to treat the brain damage and stave off the liver damage. Giving them epinephrine after, I can then defibrillate them. I would then perform the liver repair surgery on them as I wait to prevent it compounding, and additionally would have to babysit them for a time until the oxycodone drops below 20 units - it would likely involve multiple defibrillations, as well, despite oxycodones relatively quick metabolization time.

    As an addendum, I may also use the portable dialysis machine, assuming synthetics have one - while I am aware FOB doctors get it, I am also aware it is rather shit, and generally do not bother with it, instead simply leaving it at the LZ as a just in case tool.

    For a third and final option, and the worst of all of them, assuming I only have a defibrillator and standard medicine loadouts, I can administer dylovene, peridaxon, and a tricordrazine injector to offset the oxycodone overdose slightly. I may then defibrillate them to let the oxycodone overdose slowly run out - while it will take time and multiple shocks from the defibrillator due to them taking 1.5 toxin damage a tick, it is a better option than simply letting them die. While this may also cause extensive heart damage, I can treat it by doing surgery - and the brain damage may also be treated with surgery, assuming I have the tools or even assuming I have ghetto tools.


    This one is a vastly more simple fix. If the patient has any amount of brute damage, a bicaridine overdose will not treat them. The first step would be to administer quickclot to prevent any more effects from the IB, then to check if their entire body is kitted - a quick once over and spamming of brute kits should help with that. Then, ensure they have enough kelotane to offset the burn damage, maybe kit them if its getting a bit high, give toxin healing medication if the overdose is critical, basic things such as that. If the damage is not healing quickly enough, I may also quickly synthline parts of their body that require it - while not as effective, it will reduce the time they are not combat effective, but should typically only be done if my services are not required elsewhere.

    TL;DR is to make sure all the brute damage is healed - use meralyne if its available, or synthline, or kit them if its not kitted. Administer quickclot to prevent further bleeding as the brute slowly ticks down, stuff like that.

    THE LARVOID (destroy the child, corrupt them all)

    I will do this from two angles - one assuming I have ghetto tools available, and another assuming I have NO tools available except what is stated, and must scavenge from around myself and the colony grounds.
    The first step is to get the patient on a surgical bed - I assume this is already done. Next, administer an oxycodone injector - anaesthetic takes a short while longer to kick in, from experience, and will leave them more vulnerable in the event we are attacked. It may also not be present and their are a variety of other issues present with anaesthetic groundside, in my opinion.
    Assuming I have ghetto surgical tools available, I will -
    - Use the scalpel to cut through the skin.
    - Use the scalpel to move the skin out of the way - while I have not used ghetto surgical tools, I assume that it is possible to do this on disarm intent. In this instance, I would do so, if only to expedite the process.
    - Use a boot knife, which most synthetics carry from what I see, to cut open the ribcage - assuming disarm intent works, I will also use it in this instance. It will break their ribcage, but will be far faster.
    - Use a crowbar to open the ribcage. If their ribcage is already broken, I may skip the previous step and simply pry their ribcage open.
    - Use the PICT to cut the larvoid off.
    - Use wirecutters or bare hands to remove the larva.

    Now that their is no longer an imminent threat of bursting, I can treat the damage caused by this - using gauze to treat the damaged organs or using kits if I have them, closing the ribcage, mending it with a screwdriver and wrench, etcetera.

    However, in an absolute WORST case scenario, assuming I have no tools but my boot knife and a toolset -
    - Use the boot knife to cut the skin.
    - Use the boot knife to open the skin.
    - Use the boot knife to break the ribcage and open it.
    - Use a crowbar to open the ribcage, if it is broken I may skip the previous step.
    - Use the boot knife to remove the larva - this will deal burn damage and is bad, but it is better than permadeath.
    - Bare handed remove the larva.

    While both of these are bad options, I would say that this is arguably the worst case position you can be in - it is highly likely your patient will die, and ergo, I would choose to take the path of least harm caused. My inaction would cause them to permanently die, whereas my action of disarm intent surgery may cause them to die, but is also more likely to save them long term. I am also simply saying this as, while from what I have read and interpreted from the synthetic guidelines and similar it is allowable for a synth to cause 'temporary' harm if it is overall beneficial, I would rather know before I go in than have a half cocked assumption.

    I am also aware that disarm intent may be used on more steps if needed - although this would depend on how close the 'close' is. If I am completely unaware of how long he has and have seen him shake, then fuck it, we going full disarm intent surgery if we can and opening that bitch up faster than a group of morticians crack a cold one with the boys.


    Ayayay. First, I will go over how I would fix this FOB, and then I would go over how I would respond to the marine.
    I will go from two different perspectives for this question.
    - Scenario 1: I have resources enough to build more barricades if needed.
    - Scenario 2: I do not have more resources and only the barricades present and things I may deconstruct in this picture - I will not count anything that I know is further out on LV, for the sake of argument.

    Scenario 1
    I will assume in this instance that their are no xenomorphs present, I have my own metal on me, and that their are no defences further north or in some obscure place that somehow cuts off all of nexus (because they'd probably be unmanned regardless.)

    My first instinct is that I must understand WHY this design is bad. While evident to myself when looking at the map, I will take this moment to explain my thinking patterns regarding the original design. To assist with this, I have made a photoshop mockup of the cade line to provide my critiques on it. To assist, I have photoshopped a cadeline akin to what is present on to a photo taken from affectedarc07's map viewer.

    The hyperlink attached to this, which I will also place below as a discordapp image, is an image of potential attack routes from this cadeline. It is vulnerable from the north, the south, and the east - and is effectively protecting nothing. It may be entirely circumvented by simply coming from the north, or even skipped by heading east through the storage section above it. The unreinforced windows enable an easy method of attack.

    In order to fix this, I would first MOVE the cades or DISASSEMBLE them, depending on what seems more convenient - in to an arrangement more like this.

    This arrangement, while vastly more metal intensive - using a total of 208 metal without accounting for foldable barricades or barbed wire, and also not accounting for the potential needs of plasteel - is vastly more defensible. Assuming the door is barricaded near the FOB, which is sadly not in my image, the FOB is resistant to attacks from light harassers and the walls, which to my knowledge are unreinforced, are safe from being torn down. Their are further improvements possible here, obviously, such as the construction of more sectioned off areas and creating an airlock-like design before entering the actual FOB, or removing all of the walls near the Cargo storage in the northeast - but this is a simple and fast method to improve its defensibility and make it a viable hold.

    Assuming that the original cades are moved or disassembled, and discounting the doors and plasteel barricades - because while important and I would obviously use these in a real example of this, I do not want to switch colours when I already suck at drawing a straight line - you would be able to regain roughly 72 metal, 90 if the barbed wire recovered is also counted. This would make the total cost of this reconstruction only 118 metal, although in practice this will obviously be higher due to my stated reasons.

    To optimize this further, I would also remove all of the window frames, and deconstruct the 1 tile airlocks, as two tile airlocks are not deconstructable for some odd code reason (at least, last time I tried it gave me an error message saying it was only destroyable.) This would further cheapen the cost, and I may also disassemble the racks above, and the kitchen tables and chairs.

    Scenario 2

    Assuming I am limited to only 90 metal - or 18 cades, as are depicted in the image, and I cannot deconstruct anything around me for more, I would instead focus on a far more conservative defence. It would use less barricades than the original, on a focus of magnifying marine firepower and giving them a far safer area to hold. The front would use 11 cades in total, and to reinforce the door near the rear of them that is also not on this image, would require two more - thus only using 13 cades, and providing us with 5 surplus to be used for additional metal or for repairs. These may be used in the event that a wall above begins getting acided or slashed down, or to upgrade the barricades in the image provided to acid or blunt force resistant.

    Bringing the cadeline one back from the corner as such, while reducing room, also reduces the likelihood of a diagonal slash - which makes it vastly harder for marines to attack. If one wishes, the cadeline could be bought even further back, however if bought too close to the FOB I feel it would begin to infringe on it and become useless. While not a perfect defence, it is still enough to act as a delaying area, and as a forward area for medics to revive those who are wounded - perhaps giving them precious seconds to defibrillate them.

    These are how I would IMPROVE this defensive line in both of these scenarios - obviously, it will be different in game, but this is my general thought process that goes in to how I do things, which I consider more important than a simple answer such as "move it back". While that is obvious knowledge, I feel having a fundamental understanding of WHY you should do so is important.


    Oh dear. The Combat Technician is throwing a fit because I'm deconstructing his cadeline. My first step would be to explain WHY I am doing so - it is entirely possible that he is unaware of why the cades are constructed how they are. For this, I would indicate out the areas the xenomorphs may attack from, and why his barricade line does little to assist the marines - instead potentially hindering them, as it would allow xenomorphs to cut them off in a two prong attack from the east and the north. By explaining the merits of moving the cades back, or constructing a larger, box-like cadeline with indented corners, I may hopefully de-escalate the situation.

    In the event he lets it go and sees my line of reasoning - great! I may safely continue and do so with no need for further input. If possible, and assuming I have time, I would also attempt to ask him about his weapon, and during the process of explaining, try to use the physical interaction part of my synthetics personality - adjust their helmet, denote something via body language, give an opinion on their weapon, ask what the story of it is or offer to clean it - things of that nature.

    If they continue to be hostile, however, I would continue to attempt to explain - but I would also tell Command about why I think this is a bad idea, and continue to move it back. The Squad Leader or somebody else may request that he stops, as they are likely to see reason in what I am saying - most people do trust synthetics and will comply with their knowledge, after all. If nobody is present, well, the Lance Corporal is not a commissioned officer - I would simply continue with what I am doing. In the event that this is unsustainable or not possible due to them moving the cadeline back consistently, I'd instead build AROUND what they do - while it may be shit, I can attempt to make it less shit. This would likely involve fortifying the backline of his design, and cordoning off the north - preventing the marines from being flanked and preventing the xenomorphs being able to simply sprint down the corridor and attack marines with no defences.

    From an RP perspective and outside of a pure mechanical perspective, although I have already answered what I would do with such, I would attempt to interact with them - asking them about their weapon occasionally, as a method of de-escalation, and using physical contact sparingly in odd ways, if only to calm them. An example would be placing her hand on somebodies shoulder to talk to them, as if to be reassuring - although this specific example would have to be done tactfully, as I believe that some cultures view it as rude.

    I would also ask them about the weapon, and ask if they want this to be the "story of their weapon" - one of defeat and loss, from a badly maintained cadeline. They are the weapon, after all, and must be kept as sharp as any spear and as accurate as any rifle - what they construct and what they build is a large part of this.

    Additionally, if they decide to attack me, I would non-lethally disable them from being a threat - shoving them and taking their weapon, if possible, and requesting military police handle it. I would obviously not harm them in anyway.

    Hyperlinks in Order of Appearance - Potential attack routes of the created cade line. Shows the weaknesses of this design. - Scenario 1 cadeline idea. - Scenario 2 cadeline.

    I may also upload these as IMGUR images if you feel uncomfortable clicking them, or send them to you over Discord.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Hello. This is a very strong application and your answers are good. You have several character names, which one do you play the most and what time zone are you most active in?

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    I primarily play Frydenlund Svafnirsdottir for support roles. Rozamond A.W. Sarin is my smartgunner and specialist character/fragging/SO character, and John Sargent is my SL character.
    For my timezone, I live in Australia - and thus stick to AEST. At the time of posting this it is about 3 AM. The synthetics I see most commonly between that timezone are Mia, Katie, Juno, and sometimes Phelan.

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    Another A tier support player going for Synth. Awesome.

    I may not have the WL, but I've seen Gerst/Lago around for a while now and they're always fun to talk to, play with, and most importantly, roleplay with. They're great at medical and despite having only around six hours, are good at cargo and making sure Marines get their supplies. Super talkative and an active player as well both in the AM for US all to the way to the early PMs.

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    Your answers go above and beyond my expectations, was not expecting such details but very welcoming, helps myself and others get more insight on your abilities and thought process.

    One thing I will nitpick is your base1 cadelines. Each point that goes inward, you should instead build them against the wall, all 4 of the objects against the walls can easily be moved and give Marines more moving space, don't limit that because things can get tight in a combat setting.

    Otherwise I love your answers, you're a bit touchy touchy physically imo but I'll give this app a +1

    Good luck!

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