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Thread: Kuusday - Commanding Officer Application

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    Outstanding Predator player, so he can be trusted with a whitelist.
    Leads with skill when playing as a squad leader, and I don't doubt his ability in the CIC.

    Julian 'Jules' Petrov | MARINE

    Jall Thar'n | PREDATOR

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    Right. We've let this app simmer for 2 weeks and it's pretty clear that the community feedback is stellar.

    You've proven yourself to be competent, a good leader, trustworthy, and capable of roleplay when needed - traits that are thoroughly welcomed in a CO applicant.

    That being said, the Council and I have a high opinion of you, and we've voted to accept your application and approve your promotion.

    Congratulations, Major Bishop. Welcome to CO!
    Major General / Colonel Samantha 'Sammy' Maverick
    Colonel Chris 'Topher' Lawson
    Synthetic Tara

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    I'm just someone trying her hardest to not get everyone horribly killed.

    im an artist too! see my works at my art dump below

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