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Thread: USCM Dossier - Karla McBright

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    USCM Dossier - Karla McBright

    2ND BATTALION, 4TH BRIGADE, The Falling Falcons


    Name: Karla McBright
    Aliases: None yet
    Rank: Corporal
    Position: Varying although she has a afinity for medical and supporting roles
    Date of Birth: December,10,2160
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Chilean
    Languages: English, Spanish
    Birthplace: Santiago, Chile, Earth
    Height: 5'10"
    Hair color: Orange
    Eye color: Green
    Unnamed mother
    Unnamed father
    Thomas McBright (older brother)

    Likes : Making friends, UNO, girls, boys, being a doofus, enjoying a work well done, being clingy, big guns, taking photos and many more!
    Dislikes : Being bored, being alone, not having anyone to play UNO with, being a nuisance to people, etc

    Service history - SO FAR!

    Karla enlisted alongside her brother no long ago, despise her brother wishes, although she promised to stay only at rear guard roles she quickly broke that promise and began to work into more field intensive roles.

    Karla seems to be more at home in the Charlie squad but change depending on what she want to do each operation

    Karla has shown a bit of love to big guns, including mortar, and heavy machineguns although her effectiveness can be heavily disputed she still uses them with love.

    Karla had run into some problems with Weyland-Yutani by sending bad yunk faxes containing the joke "Is your refrigerator running", after a quick dock in pay and a deeply felt (disputed) apology all charges where dropped and her salary was restored.

    Although just a corporal yet she had shown talent and desire to reach higher in the chain of command, taking appointments in SO duty but her heart still in the field, at least thats what she said in the interview.

    Disputed incident about a MP pointing out that her skirt was not following the dress protocols ended up in said MP being found dead several hours later, Karla just adopted the regular dress code and no evidence has been found to link her to the deceased MP officer, after revival the officer's memory seemed a bit too hazy to recover anything of intel that could point out to a murderer.

    Old file photo

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