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Thread: Moonshanks - Yautja Application

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    I think that there is a huge difference between IC RP and prepping an RP environment. Being the game master of a round instead of actually partaking in it as a character is quite different due to the improvisation that comes with being a living entity. I personally haven't seen you in game so I cannot testify positively or negatively to your IC behaviors.

    What I can tell, on the other hand, is that I've witnessed the pred WL being one of the most potent at receiving huge backlashes from the community. The usual pred shenanigans create without failure some frictions between players and will almost always result in some small insults being thrown at eachothers. Predators are antagonists in nature and alot of people have a different views of what pred should and shouldn't do which always boils down in some petty conflicts. I think that one of the most important tool a pred player need is the ability to stay cool headed and to be able to withstand some of the pettiness that comes at you once you make your first mistakes. This is one of the thing I think you should reconsider as I do not believe the pred whitelist would suit you in this current period.

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    The Council has voted that the application is to be denied. The story is certainly sufficient, no flaws on that front, but the points of concern would be community support. There haven't been enough vouches from the community. I'm sure if you continue to play, and maintain a positive reputation within the community, you'll get the whitelist next time around.

    You can reapply in 30 days.
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