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Thread: MrSmiley316 - Yautja Application

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    MrSmiley316 - Yautja Application

    Yautja Whitelist Application
    Personal Information

    Byond ID:

    Discord ID

    Marine Name
    Zercies 'Smiley' Lock/MAD

    Character Information

    Name of the Yautja Character you wish to play
    Quea’ak Loxzil

    What clan are you joining?
    Other (Minor Clan)

    If Other (Minor Clan), what is the Clan Name?

    If Other (Minor Clan), Minor Clan Lore
    Clan Loxzil has a more recent history only spanning fifteen centuries. Its foundation was created by the Master Artisan Atla’tes-Loxzil after breaking away from Clan Uliz’bard due to perceived disrespect for his arts. He along with other artisans of Clan Uliz’bard who broke away to follow him set out and formed Clan Loxzil on the remote, arid planet of Buhiri. In doing so they also heavily modified the existing yautja pantheon to suit their own views of how everything was created, being dissatisfied with the existing interpretations that many clans follow. Of course this action he took has not painted the clan in any form of glory, instead being seen as a bunch of proud, arrogant, ignorant, and closed off artisans to those outside of the Clan. Those who are part of Clan Loxzil are known to create multiple different pieces of artwork and are all inspired by various hunts the members are required to go on before creating more and as part of their blooding ritual. They range in quality but the members within the clan are very self-centered and always view their own piece as the best.

    Yautja Character Story
    Born on the planet Buhiri was a small Yautja named Quea’ak Loxzil. As he grew the young adult was dedicated to becoming a skilled artisan able to create a piece of art worthy of being placed in the Hozxol’abe. The Hozxol’abe is a large cube shaped building with art from the first completed pieces of art from every member of the clan. He Aspired to have his own creations added to the Hozxol’abe in the hopes of bringing honor and glory to himself alone.

    Quea’ak Was an ambitious sort of Yautja. Seeking satisfaction only through their beating of another. As expected he was not well received from his peers. In fact. He formed lifelong rivals. Quea’ak sought to only be the best in everything and nothing less, from building the best sandstone blades to hunting in the local savannah. He had it all and prided himself on making the best masonry art. Though this was not to last for long. He would get into a fight with another young adult named Rexil Loxzil. Day after day Rexil would attempt to best Quea’ak. Many times he won, many times he lost but neither of them would admit they lost to each other. Boasting they made the superior craft.

    Queak’ak typically made fragile art of weapons used in hunts by his elders and elites. Many were made of sandstone as it was easy to dig and was plentiful near the coast of Buhiri. Although this came at a cost of how long it would survive the years of degrading. To get sandstone wet once could be the death of any of his creations. Meanwhile Rexil favored making wood and stone crafts. Examples are from engraved shins to fishing poles with engravings. Rexil was favored over the ambitious and repugnant Quea’ak no matter how good or bad the quality of Rexil’s craft.

    On a fateful day, Queak’ak had decided to try their hand at crafting a marble piece of chest armor he had seen the hunters and clan leaders wear. Rexil spotted the abomination of art and called queak’ak out on it. Rexil said,”What sort of armor are you trying to make? It looks like the den of a hellhound.” Queak'ak, already enraged by the mere presence of Rexil, shouted, “ this Armor was meant to be a gift to the elder. And you dare say I would give such an item with anything less in mind than perfection? You must not have eaten any good meat. You should try more lipids in your diet Rexil. It seems that your strength is weakening already.” Not to be bested in their own fight Rexil rebutted,” Perhaps if you would stop hunting all the easy prey we might be able to eat well. But here you sit carving away on a ‘gift’ that will soon be discarded after a quick, gross, glance.
    By this point Queak’ak was furious from just having his art being called ugly, their hunting trips futile, and being intruded in their free time. Queak’ak had enough by now and blurted,” FINE! You may insult me but never my crafts! You're the most vile and serpentine on this side of the planet. I know~ you do not have the guts to undermine me and my honor! We are going to settle this with a duel. I don’t think you’ll back out, will you, weakling?” Both surprised by what Quea’ak had blurted, Rexil quickly took up the offer saying,” We will duel Queak’ak. First to bleed or be knocked out will lose. If I win, you will destroy that repulsive garbage you call armor. Do you agree? Burning with hatred, Queak’ak nodded agreeingly with regret for having gotten into this, Stating,” I agree, you will suffer Rexil. If I win you will recognize me as your better and treat me with respect until you're slain. I wish you had never broken from your sack.” Rexil, not to skip a beat, said,”so we agreed. We will settle this for good Queak’ak”

    It was the next day and on the savannah plains, many from the local tribe had gathered to spectate the duel between two old foes. Rexil had brought a sword while Queak’ak had brought his mace. Queak’ak had thought it through and had reassured that this would be a quick victory, foolishly filling himself with confidence. The two had met and a bloodied warrior stepped in the middle to shout to the crowd,” Today, we gather to settle a dispute between these two young artisans! They have bickered and fought over the last twenty five years and today we may finally see an end to it. This dispute is over an insult and years of pent up rage. The rules are simple: Kill, cut, or knock out your opponent. If Rexil is to win, Queak’ak will destroy the armor they planned to give, if Queak’ak wins, Rexil will cease their attempts to undermine them and will recognize Queak’ak as their elder for life. Much is on the line today.” Rexil spoke to Queak’ak as the warrior was going on, saying,” You should quit while you're ahead. Queak’ak replied with a simple head shake and a soft but audible laugh. Queak’ak’s mace had barbed spikes with a wooden handle. The spikes, ball, and shaft of the weapon were all made of an alloy unknown to them. Rexil had a blade with a wooden handle and grips, a recently sharpened blade of steel, and a stone engraved guard reading ‘death to all who touch this far’. The blade was also engraved with ‘For the foe of my future’.

    The duel was about to commence and the warrior yelled with a low and loud tone to signal the start of the duel. And the two started at each other. Quea’ak threw swings that only seem to get faster with every swing. But Rexil had hoped for such incompetence. Quea’ak had tired themselves out as Rexil dodged and backed up, giving up ground until he hit a small piece of cloth on Quea’ak. Quea’ak stopped and slowed down his swings and backed up eagerly, thankful that no blood was to be seen. Rexil charged and ducked under a swing to land a bloody blow on Quea’ak’s forehead and bottom right mandible. Causing it to chip at the tip. Queak’ak bellowed in pain as Rexil relished in the glory of his victory. Quea’ak was left to heal himself after bringing such dishonor to themself. Rexil had claimed their spoils and took the armor and smashed it, thrashed it and threw the pieces into the sea, never to be seen again.

    After this, quea’ak had spoken less, had their head down in shame of their defeat. He would quickly become more respectful to his peers and recognized Rexil as his better. This left him with bitter hatred but it was needed. This would lead Quea’ak to become less arrogant, but still strive to be the best and most well known artisan. Quea’ak had decided to flee to the city of Atla’tes Conurbation. Here he would work in peace with a scar on his head and mandible explained off as a “hunting incident” even though it was clear that it was not. Queak’ak had never lost their ambition for their crafts and decided they would regain their honor and immortalize themselves by becoming bloodied.

    To even qualify Queak’ak had put years of work into a single marble sword. A sword that looked like it had a wooden texture around the handle. A grip. A guard that read,” To my victory” and a blade that read,”too your defeat”. After 25 years of working on this single item. This single prized treasure in peace, they offered this fine work of art to the Craft Master. The Craft Master stated,” This is a fine piece of work Queak’ak, how long did you take to make this for me?” Queak’ak humbly replied, “I spent 25 years after I was appointed Craft Master.” To which the craft master replied, “very well done. I can see the detail you brought to me. I expect to see your finest piece once again in the Hizxol’abe. Welcome to the hunt. Let me show you where to start.” It was here that Queak’ak would start on their long journey to forge the most spectacular craft they could muster. But first things first. They must hunt.


    Have you read the honor code and do you understand that if you breach the honor code you may be subject to disciplinary action and have your whitelist revoked for a set amount of time?

    Did you read the application process page?

    Do you understand that any behavior that is unbecoming of a member of the community may result in you having your whitelist revoked? Such things include, but are not limited to: Racism, toxicity, excessive or malicious trolling, abuse of staff or etc.

    Do you understand that you may face having your whitelist revoked, or other disciplinary action undertaken, should you be banned or warned on the CM discord?

    Do you understand that you cannot advertise your application on any platform for votes. Do you also understand you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?

    Do you understand that community members may report your in-game actions on the forums, and that you may be asked to defend your actions.

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    The Council has voted, and determined that the application is to be denied. The reason being a lack of community feedback. I recommend being positively known within the community, and continuing to play the game to be more well-known.

    You can reapply in 30 days.
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