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Thread: MilSim vs LowRP Fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoahKirchner View Post
    Colonial Marines, in almost every aspect in its design, is not conducive to genuine HRP, and anyone who wants to enforce a HRP standard will quickly find that to be impossible.

    First and foremost, in CM, there is no randomization - there is no variation. Every single round, marines are deployed with the exact same equipment, on the exact same colonies (with the exact same configurations, possible hive locations, threats, problems with the colony and meta strategies), facing the exact same enemies and with the exact same objective every single round until we all die. You cannot have organic roleplay in these situations, because organic roleplay requires the player to be responding to situations. In a perfect world, the roleplay that the queen would undertake (using new strategies with mechanics to support them) would effect the commander, causing him to roleplay to find a solution to the problem that the queen is causing, and sweeping everyone in the middle up in this tide of arpee. Unfortunately, this is currently an impossibility. There is no surprise when playing CM, and if you do not use that month's meta strategy, not only are you at a disadvantage, but you are at a genuine risk of putting yourself out of the round for the next 2 hours and being incapable of playing. So, naturally, people take whatever gun does the most lol worthy damage, metarush the hive and try to kill aliens because there is no point in RPing on CM. It is not a fulfilling after the four hundredth time the CO gives briefing where he sends bravo to FOB duty, alpha and delta to scout and charlie to power. I'm pretty certain it's not fulfilling for the admins either - what's the point of responding to a CL fax if every round you get the exact same 8 faxes: "I just woke up" "commander gave briefing, operation started" "oh no xenos on the planet" "hey look survivors" "marines are losing" "marines evacuated" "OH GOD HELP" "OH GOD HELP". It's boring.

    So with that, I am going to make an argument that silly "LRP" shenanigans are actually the highest RP actions undertaken on the server. You might say "Noah you fucking braindead retard, that's ridiculous, people goofing off before briefing is obviously nonsensical, nobody would do that IRL" - and you're right. Nobody WOULD do that IRL, but this also isn't IRL, goofy roleplay is still roleplay. It is possible to play a goofy character, and as long as you remain in character, it is still roleplay, and it is certainly more interesting and organic than ancient funny pfc (69) is. And to add onto this, gimmick commanders accomplish what CM seems to be designed to actively discourage: they make rounds unique and interesting. Having a round where Comrade Carson forces you down to the planet with a gun at your back, BEing anyone who retreats until you rush the hive is fucking hilarious and certainly far more memorable than big red round 4,323 where you stand around in the FOB talking about "holy shit man these fucking red dogs man they're gonna kill us!" This isn't to say that traditionally HRP captains or other roles are not appreciated, and every now and then a serious round is nice to have, but that doesn't mean that goofy ones should be banned to satisfy the RPboner or powerboner of people who obviously haven't actually tried playing a HRP character for more than a few rounds in a row.

    If CM is to be medium or high rp, the mechanics need to represent that. CM would need new enemies, new colonial circumstances/disasters (maybe instead of comms being out there's a big fuckoff sandstorm you have to deal with on big red that caused the interference, maybe LV is a big marshy mess and the river overflowed up the central barrens and to the northern doors of hydro, maybe there's a snowstorm on ice colony or dangerous other wildlife on trijent dam that the marines have to try to deal with), and some kind of variance in the objectives for each round. Sure, killing the benomorphs can remain the same, but maybe there is an elite PMC squad trapped planetside that the marines need to rescue for the CL, or maybe the power system on the planet needs to be fixed before it starts leaking radioactive material everywhere and giving marines cancer. My point is that the more mechanics you have, and the more events you have, the more organic the RP is in the round, but until then CM will remain lrp because rping is fucking boring on CM. If I want to RP, I can go to any other server and have more fulfilling RP because the mechanics support it better there, but so much of CM was gutted to prevent powergaming that sometimes it feels like it was done on purpose to stifle actual roleplay.

    WELLLLLLLLLLLLLL, i think i know where you heading, Heavy Roleplay.

    Well to reach that, i think we need different modes. Maybe bring EXTENDED into this, Colony gets fucked by a massive storm and needs help, then marines come with humanitarian aid (Tasked to protect engineers while they repair the colony, protecting from fauna and setting AI Benos to attack the colony at some steady rate for sake of marine actions) search and rescue taskforces to "Gone Dark" colonies and ETC ETC ETC.

    To reach those gameplays, devs will have to lose the main sight which, Balance shit, Buff benos nerf muhreens, balance weapons and stuff and start focusing in more gamemodes.

    I LIKE THE IDEA, but as i am a Heavy Roleplayer. Considering that 90% of the people here is HERE for : Grab weapon, kill benos, GG, I find this VERY HARD to acomplish unless CM gets a paralel server for Heavy roleplay and those new mechanics, and i saw the future of Heavy Roleplaying, it get stuck with 30ish players on a server that hardly gets more than it, SS13 is not the game for that. It has great oportunity for it, But lacks the players for it. Trust me, Since Goon (The Galatic Council of the Oppresive Neckbeards[MORE ROBUST THAN A TOOLBOX TO THE HEAD]) SS13 dosen't have space for heavy roleplay, which gets me sad me.

    Yes, i am that old on SS13 when you could make a RPG launcher with 13 Thermite and one Metal Rod
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    Honestly, i feel its just right the way it is. Switch to official LRP and enjoy retards spouting freshest, dankest memes in squad chat. I for one enjoy the goofy-ass vibe of hivechat and thats only because the minimum standard is being enforced. No one is forcing you to do autistic milsim stuff if you dont want to

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    I just wish there was room for actual genuine RP in the server instead of the current "roleplay the exact same situation everytime or play Unga".

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    We are right where we are.

    A move to LRP would be just as much a step in the wrong direction as a move towards HRP. Why?
    Because we have a 'spectrum' here. Just as much as we have a spectrum of autism we also have a parallel one of Roleplay.

    Obviously, this spectrum of roleplay goes from LRP to HRP. Milsim is apart of HRP.
    You can play a HRP Pfc if you want. You can play a LRP Pfc if you want. To a degree this statement goes for every role. That said, there are limits and acting like a beyond LRP CO isn't going to be acceptable as acting like a beyond LRP Pfc.

    Still, it stands to say, we have a good spectrum here where players wanting LRP can get that just as those wanting HRP can get that. For the most part though, we are MRP.

    And before we hear some complain and moan how we aren't, lets just take a second to think on what a LRP marine acts like vs a MRP one. There's a difference and a obvious one at that. Even Delta acts MRP out decently so its not a squad only thing either.
    All this said, a point was broached above this that I shall address and believe pertinent.
    It is true we fall into a cycle of the same old RP. Mini-events help drift us out of that trend in my opinion. More wouldn't hurt.
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