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Thread: The big 5

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    The big 5

    Rejoice Beans and Ungas, for here be the sacred Big Five Sticky.

    The Big Five is, if you're not aware, the five large projects or general goals the development team has set at anytime. A shift in development should be reflected by these priority projects/goals.

    If you haven't heard of them, well, we don't blame you. This is the first time a proper compiled list of them is being posted.

    The following will detail a brief description of the Big Five item, as well as the general closeness to completion.

    Items are presently listed in no particular order, as items are completed based on numerous factors, and sometimes goal 3 might be completed before goal 1, etc. Thus the numbering should not be ascribed to any sort of extra value.

    1. Neuro-Armor-Triangle.

    We would agree that armor, and neuro-toxin aren't very fun to play with in their present state. We fully intend to rework both of these systems in respect to a third mechanic, tackling. Armor will have weight, the heavier your armor the most susceptible you are to neuro-toxin, but the more resistant to pounces and lunges. The opposite is true for light armor. While not truly a perfect balance triangle (Neuro and Pounce do not strictly interact), the name suits it well enough. Neurotoxin works like a muscle relaxant, and slows you on each successive hit until you collapse like you presently do.
    What's the progress on this project? Presently, we are waiting on a few internal optimization projects before approaching this project. Though the framework has been laid down. A good example of this being present armor classes for marines.

    2. Nightmare Creator / Mode.

    April 1st this year really showed off what this tool can do. Presently, its being used in normal rounds to swap out parts of the map. While the framework is done, our mappers are presently hard at work preparing new area swaps for every map. With plans to extend the project to Big Red, and eventually Ice Colony and Trijent. Nightmare Creator is an ongoing effort to improve our long term replay-ability, so that no round is TRULY ever the same.

    3. Alien Strains.

    To clarify, stat mutators will NEVER return. Baseline stat upgrades at whim begets a meta forming around the most effective stat purchases, leading to greater competition, and shame on others for breaking away from those predefined 'best optimized' routes. Instead, that proof of concept system is now called STRAINS. Strains are a lot more like Heavy's Primary weapon in Team Fortress 2. While you can always use a different minigun, both your alternate choice, and default, are (likely) simple side grades of one another that promote different playstyles.. This is what we intend with strains. Sidegrades that shift up xeno playstyles.
    At the moment, we are actively preparing and coding new strains. In time, we would like to have 2-3 strains for each caste member.

    4. DEFCON & Objectives.

    As intelligent as intelligence officers may be, even us burrower/IO mains on the dev team can't seem to figure DEFCON out. Not say its broken, but we do think it is, at this moment, obtuse and not that interesting to engage with. We are actively working on approaching objectives, and intend to experiment with tying DEFCON points to map objectives, rather than a mindless egghunt. As well as ties to potential research expansions with xeno corpse retrieval. This Big Five item asks a lot, and probably requires a lot of work, and such, is only in the planning phase, with maintenance directed to the current system in place. It will be updated to a best fit stable position before a full rework is properly considered, if ever deemed totally necessary.

    5. Trijent Dam

    Trijent, love it or hate it, is presently the newest map to enter rotation on the server. But we're not going to leave it as no ice colony and neglect it while we cloak and dagger its demise. Rather, Trijent will be moving forward as an evolving project, that, while nearing completion, will hopefully settle into being one of the better maps CM has.
    Current plans to totally overhaul the map size are not planned, but have been discussed. We hear you, we know you think its too large.

    With that, we'd also like to note that the first Big Five to be completed would be �Whiskey Outpost�, the survival holdout map first started a long while back. Whiskey Outpost is fully functional and has served as the springboard for many internal projects. It can be freely ran by any Admin with qualifications to do so, so long as they are of course interested in running the map. There are presently no plans to expand upon the last stand gamemode, nor regularly schedule Whiskey Outpost into rotation.

    Here on this thread, you can find a link to the present Big Five, and any future plans regarding the Big Five, or clarifying on how we use this system.
    Click the name of the item to be redirected to it's discussion topic.
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