1. No 18+/NSFW Content - Under no circumstances is 18+ content permitted on the forums. Mild comments that are not explicitly NSFW are permitted, but staff reserve the right to remove it at their discretion.

2. Excessive Toxicity/Don't be a dick - As salty or prejudiced to some people/groups you might be, we don't want to hear it. Harassment, racism, bigotry, homophobia, and just plain being an asshole won't be tolerated.

3. Keep shitposting to the specific shitposting forums, Acid Goop
3b. Keep threads on the topic of the forum you are in. Xenomorph discussions in the Hive, off topic discussions in other games/acid goop etc..

4. Spam - Don't spam advertisements or other external links.
4b. Linking to other games is fine, so long as you make it clear where your link goes, and aren't making your thread an advertisement for the game.