Due to recent events in the community, and other concerns. We've decided to make some major changes in the Staff Hierarchy, and with this you may have noticed a certain rank is missing.

Vice host abolished
It's dead, curtains, kicked the bucket, been taken out and shot. The main reason it stayed vacant is because Jamie felt that there should be no one else above the rank of Head Developer who would steer the direction of the game. The game direction is always the discretion of the Developers and the Head Dev. Moreover Grimcad was taking an active role in the community before COVID-19 hit the world and was performing Town Halls. However due to recent events we all collectively decided there needed to be a face of CM, someone who would interact with the community. Jamie has always been a behind the scenes type of guy, and has always enjoyed just web development and coding for the server box. Although he does interact with the community, he is not a very hands on man unless he needs to be. However due to recent events there were concerns from the community that a lack of action and decision making lead to the outrage. Rest assured we will be attempting to make sure something like this doesn't happen again.

Community Manager
Yeah that's me, I've been promoted to a new position that we will be figuring out in the coming days. The idea is that I will be the one who acts as a bridge between our heads/management and the community. I will also assist Jamie with public relations, and keeping the community entertained. Management is a collective group that comes together to make major decisions, for now there will be Grimcad who is the head of staff, Triiodine/Neth who are the Head Developers, and me the community guy. We are all equal, and we make decisions for the best interests of the community.

New Mod/Admin Manager
As part of this process we've decided to promote Nanu308 to Moderator Manager, and Forest2001 to Admin Manager. Both these guys are well trusted staff, and we are sure they will do a good job, so please congratulate them on their hard work and determination. Nanu will still be the discord task master for now until we can find a replacement. Forest2001 will be transitioning off the predator council, so there will be an opening there soon. Tharinoma has completed his time as acting manager, and as a thank you, we've given him back his previous rank of Senior Admin.

Reforms, Reforms, Reforms
Yeah some of our protocols are very out dated, and our rules need to be reformed as well. We will be discussing this with all levels of staff and coming up with something that is fair and balanced. Although the developers have taken this game to a new type of gameplay, in the end this is still a MEDIUM ROLEPLAY SERVER Developers have said that players create the roleplay, so one of our priorities will be to come up with actual standards that staff will enforce for Marines and Xenomorphs. Another reformation is Jamie is looking to change his role from Host to something else. This isn't saying he's quitting or retiring, but part of our reforms is establishing what the server host really is and what they will deal with in the future.

Recent issues
I'm not going to bring it up, but I'm going to keep this simple. This is a gaming community for a free game, and not a government. Yes as robbrown says we have social contracts and such, but at the end of the day if you're going to be a detriment to the community we have every right to point our finger at you and say "Get out." Staff will not tolerate personal attacks, or racism/bigotry against any player regardless of sex, race, religion, creed. However we also will not tolerate anyone bringing illegal activity into our community as well, and if we discover it, we will remove that person and contact the appropriate authorities. You all have a digital footprint, so you need to watch what you do on the internet. If a player ever has concerns, they can bring it up to one of the staff management so we can look at it. Mob justice and pitch forks aren't going to work or be tolerated anymore. You may not like each other, so I'll just leave you with if you don't have anything nice to say about someone, don't say anything at all.

Town halls
Yeah I wanna bring these back besides the developer "not a town hall" so Coming Soon tm

That's all for now


-Community Manager and Head Shitposter