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Thread: Guide to Xeno Cultists

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    Guide to Xeno Cultists

    Xenomorph Cultists
    Xenomorph Cultists is an Administrator Event Role.

    You are immune to the hive they are assigned too. Huggers won’t infect you and you can operate resin doors. The Queen has the ability to toggle restricted slashing to make sure that You can't be harmed.

    As a Cultist your main goal is to assist the Hive to eternal glory. This is to be done through THREE main points:

    • Firstly, Conversion - which is to assimilate another person into your same beliefs. (Only the Cultist Leader can perform this action)

    • Secondly, Sabotage - to disrupt the flow of the marines logistical operations: power, supplies, etc.

    • Lastly, Murder - to kill non believers of the Xenomorph faith, ensure that some standards are met when doing this action. Don’t just murder bone without some justification for such.

    Number three has specific rules. Before you start murdering, you need to wear Cultist robes fully (This can be obtained from using ability two). Once the robes are equipped you can start murdering. However, you should only do this when you are found out, OR you have been ordered by the Queen or the CULT leader himself.

    Cultist Leader
    The Cult begins with the leader. Their task is to ensure that orders are being sent, conversions take place, and that the Xenomorphs succeed in their mission.

    The Cult Leader is the only one who can Convert and Stun marines/humans with his abilities. Once they have been converted, then they can speak in Hivemind; however, they don't understand the Xenomorphs tongue.

    • Hivemind - this sends a message for the Hive to see, allowing you to effectively communicate or send alerts.

    • Obtain Equipment - once activated you are given a Cultist Robe (You cannot take off after use) After this you lose your cover and can attack others freely.

    Leader Abilities The Leader has the same ability as normal Cultists, but has TWO Extras:

    • Convert - this allows you to convert another human into the faith.

    • Physic Stun - stuns people for the purpose of abducting or subduing any nearby threats. (The stun lasts several seconds and has a slight cooldown).
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    This screams Rogue Trader cultists. Awesome.

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