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Thread: Predator Honor Code

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    Predator Honor Code

    Yautja Honor Code
    2021 Revision

    The Yautja Honor Code is a set of rules all Yautja players are required to follow. Failure to uphold these rules may result in suspension or removal of your Yautja Whitelist.

    Disclaimer: Yautja are a third-party faction with the ability to engage either side in combat. They are not your allies and should not be treated as such. As a human, unless otherwise specified by an admin during an event, you know nothing of the Yautja barring sparse rumours.

    Honor Code Infractions - If you break the Honor Code while hunting a prey, you are to cease your hunt of the said prey. If you critically injure them during this, please bring them to their teammates. E.g Bring xenos to weeds. Marines to their squaddies or fortifications. Should you not be able to, due to a threat or time constraints, you will not be penalized for this however, you should be prepared to defend your initial actions should a report be filed.

    NOTE: This is a living code, expect changes to be made based on conversation and updates to the game.


    The welfare of prey:
    You are forbidden to save any prey that you are hunting, unless you are actively engaging them (E.g In combat with each other.). If the other faction intervenes when you are actively engaged, you may save your prey and bring them to a safe location on the hunting grounds to continue the hunt. You may save any prey you are hunting if you breach the honor code while actively engaging them and return them to their defenses/Faction.

    Taking trophies:
    Aside from the various body parts of your prey, Yautja are allowed to take almost any item from any human or xeno and claim it as a trophy however, they are not allowed to use any of the items to which they take as trophies unless the trophy is head gear or a melee weapon from their prey, in which case they can use it. They can have them in their hunting bag, back or place them in the trophy hall or elsewhere on the ship (I.e. their dorms).
    Note: The collection of specialist weapons, smartguns and any unique ancillary gear the specialist/smartgunner requires is not allowed. (I.e. Scout Vision, Power Pack, Rocket ammo etc.).

    Important personnel (see classification list) who are hunted, dueled or otherwise killed, should not be permanently killed unless circumstances warrant it. (I.E, they led a hunting party to attack you rather than fighting the Xeno/Marine threat, or the round has been ongoing for 1hr+ and/or they are no longer crucial to the round)

    Trophies from the ship: Trophies are not allowed to be used as weapons in the field. They are reserved as rewards to honorable prey who defeat Yautja in honorable duels.

    Honored prey: Prey who kill a Yautja in a duel to the death, or otherwise perform an extraordinary feat of strength or bravery may be honored by the Yautja with a gift.

    Stun Hitting: Yautja are not allowed to stun hit any prey, unless the prey is dishonorable or has stunned themselves via grenades or other sources caused by themselves. Xeno pouncing yautja and getting body slammed etc.

    Please use your own initiative when stun hitting. You shouldn't stun hit the prey you just blown up with the explosive HPC however, you can stun hit prey that is dishonorable that you stunned non-lethally during a fight. But don't just abuse stun hitting for every prey you encounter that is dishonorable.

    Classification List:
    Note: Un-huntable is only the case if they are not actively attacking you, have not attacked you in the recent past or are not otherwise dishonorable.
    • Non/Indirect Combatants
      • Working medic, synth, almayer ship crew
      • Drone castes, boilers
      • Any Xeno or Human defending a key location. (Hive, LZ, FOB etc.)
      • Injured below 75% huntables. (splints excluded, will appear with a yellow healthbar)
    • Faction Command Structure
      • CO, XO, SO
      • Queen
      • Honoured

    • A target or group of targets who interrupted a duel to the death or ran away from a duel.
    • An abomination/predalien.
    • Any prey actively defending an abomination/predalien. (Including bodyblocking etc. Use own initiative for this)
    • Prey committing LRP actions against the Pred.
    • Dutch’s Dozen
    • Bad Bloods
    • A target or group of targets who attack you without due cause or interfere with your hunt.
      • This is a temporary status for a single engagement and is not mandatory to utilise
      • Example : A single or group of marine(s)/xeno(s) engage you because you are actively engaged with one of theirs, they are honorable.
      • Example : Xenos/Marines engage you or the prey you are actively engaged with that is not of their faction. They are dishonorable due to interfering.
    • Anyone attacking a Yautja whilst cloaked
      • This does not include Lurkers
    • Anyone carrying or manipulating Yautja equipment in orbit
    • Anyone carrying or manipulating a Yautja corpse
    • Any party that is LRP to the Yautja or Metas the Honor Code.
    • Any party that breaches the rules of a honor duel
    • Is actively defending stolen Yautja gear shipside

    Weapon Usage

    These weapons can be used on any worthy prey:
    • All Yautja melee weapons
    • Smart discs
    • The combi stick in melee and when thrown
    • Traps
    • Wrist blades
    • Plasma Caster (Non-Lethal) (You MAY NOT attack a stunned worthy opponent)
    • Harpoons
    • Scimitars

    These weapons may be used against any dishonorable prey:
    • Plasma rifle
    • Plasma pistol
    • Spike launcher
    • Cloaked Combat
    • Plasma Caster (Lethal) (You MAY NOT attack a stunned dishonorable opponent)

    Smart Disks
    • When engaging a single target, you should deploy at max 1 smart disk. Multiple smart disks should only be deployed against groups of hostiles.
    • Exception to the above being if the target is dishonourable or when under exceptional circumstances.

    Plasma Caster (Non-Lethal)
    • Can be used on worthy prey, but they become unhuntable while stunned.

    Plasma Caster (Lethal)
    • Can be used on dishonorable prey, but they become unhuntable while stunned

    Thrown explosives:
    • Grenades (and other thrown explosives) can be thrown back in the following circumstances:
    • The thrown explosive is tossed at you
    • When you are cornered and there is no possibility of escape outside of going through your opponent(s)
    • When a thrown explosive is tossed into a lodge to which you are inhabiting.
    • If you're in battle and you happen to catch one mid fight.

    Key Areas & the Environment:

    Hive: The hive is anywhere where nests are in the view of a Yautja. If they are on screen, then you are in the hive.
    FOB: The FOB begins when you can see any of the primary Landing Zone, or the primary dropship. If you can see either, then you are in the FOB
    Almayer: Under normal circumstances, Yautja are only allowed to go up to the Almayer to recover gear, killing abominations, transporting back felled honor duel opponents, and any thralls that have lost their master or been killed in combat. No hunting, no peace conferences, only the above. Any amount of yautja can go up, no minimum.

    Predators should not be disrupting, harassing, or causing any harm to marine fortifications. This does not mean that you can’t go near them or even go through them, just that it is a complete judgement call on whether or not you can pass by/through without causing any issues. Predators passing by or through a cadeline should ensure, to the best of their ability:

    • They are not noticed.
    • They do not hurt or hunt any marines inside the fortifications (if you want to challenge a marine inside fortifications, you should beckon them out, if they don’t come out that’s that).
    • They do not damage or disrupt any parts of the fortifications, this includes: sentries, barricades, supply drops, etc.

    Hive Disruption:
    Yautja are allowed to hunt xenos before T3s. However, they should not disrupt the round flow majorly and shouldn’t be chasing into the hive. Do not attempt to retrieve any infected persons from any xenomorph nest, Yautja exempted. Humans and the like are beneath your notice, and if they get infected they are worth even less of your time.

    Yautja are not allowed to alter the environment in a way that would create a route directly to either the Hive or FOB. Yautja are also not to directly alter the environment in a way that would lead to a direct benefit to one side (i.e. blowing up Lambda, blowing up eta, blowing up hydro).

    Using fuel tanks and other objects in the environment as makeshift traps is a dishonorable tactic and is prohibited.

    Interactions with other Yautja

    Killing/Murdering a fellow Yautja outside an honorable duel is considered the worst possible crime. This action will result in your Yautja becoming a bad blood, and will result in disciplinary action being taken against your whitelist.

    Yautja Honor Duels & Mercy:
    Yautja may challenge another blooded Yautja or human they deem worthy of an honor duel. Honor duels are to the death but have some rules:

    The challenging Yautja can choose the rules of the duel. Such as allowing the use of ranged weaponry by the challenged. This is only applicable to humans.
    For a Yautja on Yautja honor duel to occur, there must have been a major incident that occurred between the two (i.e. The stealing of a trophy, grave insults and so on.)

    Should the human win, they may be given a trophy from the ship by the other Yautja or one of the gear parts of the fallen yautja.

    Any interference with the duel will lead to that party being marked as dishonorable. Also, any party that breaches the rules of the will be marked as dishonorable.

    Xenomorphs and Abominations can never be the opponents in an honor duel.

    Hunters are expected to show some respect to their superiors; be they Clan Leaders, or Ancients, even from other clans. Other ranks depend on IC interactions.

    Yautja must hunt alone. The only thing you are allowed to do as a group is, dispatch dishonorable gear/body retrieval, and hunt abominations and defend lodges. Orders from Ancient Yautja may change this with admin permission. However this should not occur unless the yautja agree to do the above together except hunting abominations.
    If the prey you are hunting dishonors you, it is your problem to deal with them. This does not apply if the prey that dishonors you is a threat to the entire yautja group present.

    Hive Offensives
    On occasion, Yautja have been known to engage large groups of the serpents alongside one another such as but not limited to blooding trials or the securing of a matriarch.

    In the event that a group of five or more xenomorphs decide to go on the offensive in what is known as a 'hive offensive' against a hunter, other yautja have the option of aiding the fight with said group of xenos unless told not to interfere by the primary target of the group.
    • A smaller group consisting of arguable meta combinations with an effort to capture a Yautja may be assisted against however, each instance is subject to review by the Council should issues arise, this should be invoked sparingly.
    • An example of this is a Queen, Carrier and Warrior chaining abilities to disable and infect a Yautja without allowing the ability to fight back.

    For one's body to be killed in combat is dishonorable, though to die by a bracer's self-destruct is an honorable death. If a Yautja is about to die, they must try to self destruct. Once you have committed to self-destructing, you must go through with the process unless you have a very valid reason to cancel it. Self-destructing and then canceling to scare away enemies is considered extremely dishonorable. During the self-destruct process Yautja are unable to use any weaponry or attempt to keep Xenos or Humans within the self-destruct radius. You’ll never be disciplined for not self destructing however, you should try and make every attempt to do so within the bounds of the honor code.

    You are allowed to Self destruct fallen Yautja as you see fit provided they are not in the FoB or Hive. That being said, do not throw the body as a weapon after you trigger the self-destruction sequence. The same rules apply with attempting to keep Humans or Xenos within the blast radius.

    Yautja should make every effort to avoid SD’ing in the FOB or in the hive, unless it is completely unavoidable then you may do so however, you may be reported and should be prepared to defend your actions.

    Abominations are considered unworthy of life and should be eliminated with every Yautja-made tool in your arsenal. If you get infected, you must die at any cost.

    Should an abomination appear, the Yautja may parley with the Marines and set a temporary ceasefire in order to concentrate on killing on the abomination. This is a ceasefire and you should not be assisting them.

    Should an abomination be present on the Almayer, hunters are able to go onboard to destroy it. Focus should be placed on killing abomination with the intent on minimizing unnecessary kills, though some are to be expected. After its death, all Yautja are to leave the ship as soon as possible.

    Gear Recovery

    Gear recovery is mandatory in orbit as no other race can be allowed to capture and research our sacred devices and equipment. Whilst it remains in the hunting grounds it is a priority target, but not mandatory to recover.
    Gear within a key location such as the Hive, FOB or an LZ, is not to be sought after.

    If Xenos hijack the shuttle, you are not allowed to head up to the Almayer however, if you are already in the process of gear recovery, you are to continue until you are finished recovering the gear and any bodies.

    The bodies of fallen Yautja are sacred, no sacrilege will be tolerated. Reclaim them at all costs. (Exclusion: Don’t go into key areas with active combat unless you can avoid disruption.)

    Note: There is no minimum on the number of Yautja required to perform gear or body recovery/destruction on the Almayer, however Yautja are not obligated to go up to the almayer if they are the only Yautja alive.


    Yautja players can abduct humans as thralls. Thralls should have proven themselves in combat. Begging to be thralled is a dishonorable act. Thralls should be given a thrall bracer box to acquire their gear. Thralls are not allowed to use any human ranged weaponry.

    To Yautja, thralls are viewed as unique oddities or tools, but are something that should not be coddled or looked upon with affection. Thralls can be healed by their master, but they should not be brought back from the dead. Each Yautja may only have one thrall per round. A thrall cannot be saved from death unless it has defeated their opponent. If a thrall dies the gear given to the thrall must be recovered.

    Yautja are to police their thralls and are to pick the opponents to which they hunt. An unruly or misbehaving thrall can be reprimanded or executed as dishonorable foe at any time by their master. Thralls should not be force infected, and if infected should be exterminated.

    Should a thrall's master die, the remaining Yautja should retrieve their gear and teleport them to the Almayer. Should there be no Yautja left, the thrall should be left to their own desires/whims.


    A lodge is an enclosed and secluded area wherein Yautja setup and operate from. To declare a lodge the Yautja must agree upon a single site, and must secure the enclosed area with any entrance/exit to it being handcrafted sandstone doors. Lodges must be away from the main areas of the map so as to keep it away from the front lines. It is the responsibility of the Yautja to ensure the lodge is created in a secluded area. No more than 1 lodge can exist at a single time. Should a lodge get destroyed, or the Yautja decide to abandon/move their current one, then they must tear down the sandstone doors to the best of their abilities before declaring a new lodge site.

    Defense of a Lodge:
    Parties that trespass into the lodge that you engage with are honorable. Parties that attack the lodge itself or enter the lodge offensively instead of a passive look-a-round are dishonorable due to interfering with your hunt/attacking without due cause.

    Multiple Yautja may attack the same prey that enters the lodge. However, they should be very careful on the classification of the prey to avoid problems.

    An example of passive look-around would be entering the lodge and not engaging the Yautja. Offensively entering the lodge would be with weapons drawn and immediately engaging the Yautja before the Yautja engages them.

    Stray weapon fire or spitting is not considered a deliberate effort. Any vehicle that deliberately attacks the lodge may be dispatched in dishonorable means.

    Gear stored inside lodge:
    Any gear that can be tracked should not be stored in the lodge, unless said gear is in the process of being recovered.

    Spirit of the Whitelist

    Yautja are antagonists. However, they should use common sense when it comes to hunting during a round and be aware of their surroundings. They should not be detrimental to the round and Whitelist as a whole. You should be ready to face any disciplinary actions against you if you are not fit for the WL.

    What is written above in this Honor Code realistically covers only a small portion of events and scenarios Yautja may encounter during rounds, you should be using the set in stone rules in the Honor Code to guide your judgement in situations not clearly defined by the Code to ensure you act in a way that befits what is expected of a Whitelisted Yautja.

    The Yautja Council holds the final say and can remove you if they believe you are not acting in the Spirit of the Whitelist. Obviously, every case will be handled case by case and won’t be used for grudges.

    Good Spirit of the Whitelist actions:
    • Sparing/throwing back a revivable prey who fought well.
    • Gifting someone a spear or gear piece after they kill a Yautja even if it was outside of a duel.
    • Make someone's day, thrall a new player, make a fighting pit, create an interesting role playing situation.

    Bad Spirit of the Whitelist actions:
    • Placing hunting traps on a road leading out of the FOB and attacking anybody who walks into them. This would go against the spirit of the whitelist and intention of the tool.
    • Don’t lethal-HPC baldy mc baldface just because they are hunting you down. This would be against the spirit of the whitelist.
    • Murdering someone instantly because they are holding gear.


    Ancients are given some leverage with things such as Additional Rules and may alter how the Honor Code is dealt with ICly for that round. Councillors are unable to change what prey is huntable, unhuntable, and dishonorable. ICly, what an Ancient says is to be respected and followed as a superior to the Blooded Yautja. Players under direct orders from an Ancient will not be held OOCly for the specific IC actions given to them, however, Ancients will be accountable for problems it causes with the round overall. While a Blooded may be told to kill a specific target, what they do to get to the target is still their own actions unless addressed overwise by an Ancient. Ancients are able to handle Honor Code breaks ICly, however, disciplinary action via OOC punishments for the player breaking the rules can still occur.
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    December 2021 Update

    Engaging on the Front-line:
    Once engaged/or present at the front-line, you waive the right to use the Plasma-caster, traps and the temporary status if engaged by the front-line forces first. This is to avoid as much disruption as possible while still continuing the Hunt.

    When hunting at the front, you should prioritize targeting the prey you intend to kill. That is the main priority. Collateral damage is unavoidable in many cases, but it should be minimized as much as possible. You will get fired upon in the crossfire between the two forces fighting, it is expected and should not be acted upon unless engaging said target.

    Permitted Gear:
    - Any Yautja Melee Weapon
    - Combi-stick thrown
    - Smart Disc (Non AoE)

    If there is any weaponry that you feel should be permitted to use that is not on the above list, contact a Councillor and use common sense.

    Not Permitted Gear:
    - Plasma-caster (Both Modes)
    - Traps
    - Smart Disc (AoE)
    - Any weaponry you would usually use on Dishonorable prey

    Self Destruct:
    Before engaging at the front-line, ensure your SD is set to Small. We do not want an entire frontline to be blown apart. Small SD is the default setting, however double checking does not cost anything.

    Key Areas:
    If the front-line is the FoB or the Hive, avoid engaging at all. Same principles as before. You can still attack for example, Xenos attacking FoB or Marines attacking the hive. However, you are not there to protect the force getting besieged, therefore you should show restraint to how far you go in hunting a prey besieging the other force. DO NOT ENGAGE THE BESIEGED FORCE BEHIND THEIR FORTIFICATIONS.
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    July 2022 Changes

    Hive Offensives
    On occasion, Yautja have been known to engage large groups of the serpents alongside one another such as but not limited to blooding trials or the securing of a matriarch.

    In the event that a group of five or more xenomorphs decide to go on the offensive in what is known as a 'hive offensive' against a hunter, other yautja have the option of aiding the fight with said group of xenos unless told not to interfere by the primary target of the group. This is exclusively for unprovoked attacks.
    • A smaller group consisting of arguable meta combinations with an effort to capture a Yautja may be assisted against however, each instance is subject to review by the Council should issues arise, this should be invoked sparingly.
    • An example of this is a Queen, Carrier and Warrior chaining abilities to disable and infect a Yautja without allowing the ability to fight back.

    Using this clause to aid a fellow Yautja renders the fight an honourable one and prohibits use of the Plasma Caster
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