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Thread: taterthetank - Commanding Officer Application

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    Seen them a bunch as XO. They're competent and know what they're doing. I'm sure they'd be a good addition to the CO whitelist. +1.
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    Did a round with them where they were XO and I was SO, was good overall tactics wise and fun wise. Killed the queen 3 times and then lost in a long 3 hourish round. Definitely would make a good CO. +1

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    (thanks, forum, for not sending my original acceptance message and just making this look like it was silently put through >:(

    But, as you could see from the green text, you've demonstrated your abilities enough to earn both the trust from the community and the CO Council alike to warrant you being readmitted into the CO Whitelist.

    Apparently according to some people, being called a potato is reason enough to upvote, which is weird.

    But, that aside, you've played well and played lots, and showed that you still have what it takes to be a commander in the current climate of the game. Good job.

    With a majority vote from the Council this application is accepted. Welcome back, Captain! Permissions have already been updated.
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