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Thread: Meeting Topic Request - Additional role 'Squadron Leader'/Chief Pilot/Squadron LT/Win

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    Meeting Topic Request - Additional role 'Squadron Leader'/Chief Pilot/Squadron LT/Win

    Dev Meeting Topic Request
    Main Topic of Discussion
    Additional role 'Squadron Leader'/Chief Pilot/Squadron LT/Wing Lieutenant etc
    Details regarding your topic
    Supporting thread: //showthrea...0507#post80507

    So there's no strategy when there's two dropships. Transport and CAS don't need to talk whatsoever, or coordinate what they're both buying. Maybe the strategy that round should be a transport with a GAU etc. We shouldn't need to try to be the first one to yell 'IM CAS', and we could start to see transport and CAS having more niche specializations and flexibility in how they're used, which they should.

    There's tons of use cases for this role, from teaching new pilots (doing ridealongs), to covering for pilots if they go SSD/etc/etc, I could probably write 20 use cases for this role. So fuck it I'm going to because I'm a PO main and your post is exactly what i've been thinking:

    1. Ordering refits, if there is fuck all JTAC in the round or it's low POP, CAS is sitting there decked out with like 20 missiles pre-printed. Nobody is lazing, there is no sentry flares. Firstly the Chief Pilot could in theory be able to limit points (or order against this tbh), the Chief Pilot could say actually CAS re-fit for sentry deployment because if there is no JTAC support we should be deploying support aiding devices. If the story size is too much, don't even implement this mechanic because it can be dealt with IC (to start), maybe if the role is a success it could be implemented.

    2. Quality Control. In any actual military op if we noticed the dude doing CAS can't do shit they can ridealong and show them the ropes (like the CMO does in the medbay!), to be a great pilot you basically need to hope there is someone kind who won't scream at you for one of the many easy mistakes to make when you're learning the PO role, and might actually teach you some of the tips/tricks. This is why we have some rounds with zero POs, because the learning curve is much harder with zero support.

    3. Briefings, what flight crew doesn't have a pre-flight briefing? Strategy/Fit-Out/Some Tips/Chief Pilot should also attend the main briefing so he knows what the fucking drop time is so we don't need to keep spamming CIC.

    4. Make the pilots office in the central hangar actually useful just by creating this role, monitoring both dropships at the same time is vital, what ammo does CAS have? do we need to order the DCCs to prep some for his arrival? The LZ looks like it's going to get pretty hot, do we need sentries on transport more than napalms right now?

    5. No requirement for the role to look different (although this would be cool, I think a beret is probably fine), it's just necessary to havesomeone in charge of what is sometimes a 4-5 person department (exactly like medical!)

    6. Great Chief Pilots skill will be evident in how they manage their dropship strategy, from providing advice to CAS to making sure that transport can suddenly turn awesome when it needs to be. Timely fitting and coordinating the right ammunition to fit with - x5 more enjoyable.

    7. Honestly? Fucking recognition, epic CAS pilots get showered with cum and love but epic Transport pilots are largely ignored and If you play transport well you can kill Xenos and save marines. Likewise, CAS can make the smallest mistake and an XO can straight up execute them, when does an XO talk directly with a pilot? They can go through the Chief Pilot or [insert cool flight related title here] POs are 2nd lieutenants, you can make make it a 1st LT like similar roles.

    8. Literally telling the DCCs what to do, they wander around - some are wannabe pilots that are trying to learn the role in a no pressure environment (because nobody will teach you anything unless there's a PO Main on). But others are wandering around feeling useless because they don't have any orders to follow. Which means by creating a Chief Pilot role you will immediately make the DCC role more relevant and fun (without adding pressure or taking any value away)

    9. Creativity. Weird and cool DS strategies can make a difference, suddenly making the transport DS more vital, or having CAS deploy an ECHO squad on a transport run before alternating back to combat. This would mean they can take advantage of the flight crews with more re-fits, giving DCCs more to do and turning the hangar into a place with optional activity that can help the war effort. All without adding pressure or changing the PO/DCC roles at all.

    10. Useful member in the REQ<>Command<>FOB love triangle, holding a cycle because supplies are almost ready, optimizing the movement of cargo through their flight crews. Etc

    Ok, I got to 10 - I might play a few more rounds and write down more ideas

    I will even pay for the development time myself because I think this will really improve the game and for pilot mains like myself it really opens up a wider way to play the role.

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    Use Case 1 - No JTAC
    LT can order re-fits to better support the marines on the ground.

    Use Case 2 - Too Much JTAC
    LT could order transport to fit a GAU to take the smaller targets, and using the LZ detector that good TPOs fit anyway, scan for smaller targets (If the TPO doesn't know how to do this, which is why some play TPO, this is a teaching moment which will improve the learning curve).

    Use Case 3 - CAS is terrible
    Like what would happen IC, this can be spotted right away and the persons role altered so they aren't nuking marines (which happens because the only way to learn CAS is to fail and then rename yourself afterward)

    Use Case 4 - Battle Progression & PO Role Attractiveness
    Other than a manic fit-out at the start of the round, there is no phased development in the Pilot role. We do not re-fit as tactical information changes, which means the DCCs have nothing to do, which means other than a well-prepared dropship doing evac, it's Dave with his 1 LZ detector panicking because it's his first day and the CO/XO/All of the marines are calling him a worthless piece of shit -> he stops playing PO.

    Use Case 5 - There are no POs
    1 extremely stressed out DCC, but usually command roles for this will be taken because it's an engaging role, they can shadow/help/teach or jump on transport due to a lack of available pilots (people in this role are always pilots, so it makes sense IC). We shouldn't need to be asking SLs to launch the dropship

    Use Case 6 - Recognition
    Pilot mains would enjoy a sense of recognition in unlocking the role, it gives them a way to give back to our tiny community by teaching/training new pilots, whilst still being able to hop on weapon controls or operate flight.

    Use Case 7 - One pilot in the cockpit
    When does a DCC ride up front? Let's break it down. We have 2 PO spots available each round, and 2 DCCs. The DCCs do hop in the cockpit, but they primarily like to be outside of it. In busy times an experienced commander could jump on a set of controls as needed and help out, leading to better utilization in all the fancy and cool modules the devs have built. Traditional pilot seniority is captains on the left and co-pilots on the right. This never happens in the rounds and means better RP for pilots in the cockpit. This links a little bit back to Use Case 4 and partially to Use Case 8 - because pilots will avoid any fit-out changes because we need to stay in the air. We can't afford to spend the 2 minutes hauling things around when people are calling in for help. Nor should this happen IC right? Fittings are a coordinated effort, pilots coming in and people standing by to make the necessary fit-outs.

    Use Case 8 - Giving DCCs a purpose
    DCC is a fun role but there isn't really much to do. It's cool protecting the dropship, its fun at the start and end of the round. The DCCs also want to be able to help in fitting out ships, which a commander could instruct them to do, which links back to Use Case 4 and entirely optionally gives people a purpose. Think of this in the same way we have a CMO that instructs Nurses to support doctors doing X and Y. It's optional, not required work, but increases the ceiling height of content for these roles. Especially during early-mid round when there is nothing to do but click 1 button every couple of mins.

    Use Case 8 - The hangar is quiet
    Flight Deck/Hangar is super quiet for what is a military deployment in response to a distress signal, we would want to see DCCs well coordinated, loading ammo into CAS, swapping out components on transport to adjust for battle conditions, running to req to grab ammo a marine told them was running low on the front, etc. This would also help to balance out the times where there is limited Req but we have DCCs doing nothing.

    Use Case 9 - We built an awesome dropship monitoring office right between the drop ships!
    There is no alterations required to the map for this role, the office already exists. It is ideal for monitoring.

    Use Case 10 - ;T has a purpose
    Tactics channel as a purpose, with it's limited audience it is now a vital coordination channel between pilots, including the unique relationship between POs and APCs (we do check in with each other regarding the rear door and their deployment/pick-up needs. Now this channel has a purpose!

    Use Case 11 - Creativity in playstyle
    We're big on creativity right? From Windhealers awesome strategies, so the fact 1 marine can make a difference through his experience/skill. This role is no different, we will see unique fit-outs, smart decisions made (from the experience of these players), like if there's no APC we should add a machine gun to the back for evac and have a DCC man it. Etc. This also links back to Use Case 4.
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    This is my supporting thread - you will see quite alot of the PO main % discussing back and forth alot of issues that I believe actually stem from this role not existing as their root cause. I hope that you consider my request, that there is healthy debate in this thread about these and that I've made it clear I love playing PO, I will continue to do so for as long as I play this game - I appreciate all of the hard work by the devs in making this role as good as it is, and this is seen as a way to increase the joy people get in playing this role instead of any kind of faults with the awesome work that has already been done

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    to be fair, i don't see that working unless someone that REALLY love RP takes it, and as a person that likes RP a lot, i don't see how a chief pilot would RP between two pilots, maybe if a certain "Update" came and wasn't a bait at all (gunship update that neth promissed me and never delivered, still sad neth, you hurted my feelings). Main problem with Dropship is, Deployment is locked to two LZs, Transport won't be doing anything else except transporting, fitting weapons is a waste of points since the dropship can only direct fire during transport mode.

    The only thing i see as a option to Transport: Give them the option to do Firemissions at expense of longer deployment times.

    Description: Alamo is flying from point A to point B, it takes 50 seconds and will take 30 seconds with custom flight plans. Nerf the accuracy of the guns on transport, increase the transport times as he is "diverting" from LZ to fire support some troops (E.G: if a pilot starts a fire mission with 20 seconds remaining for arrival, the time of that firemission will be added in the final time, going from 20 to 40 seconds.) and limit it to one firemission per transport flight. that will give some stuff to Trans pilot to do.
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